Primeval Ruins

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Primeval Ruins
Primeval Ruins.png
Level code 8-2
World Grape Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Primeval Ruins is the sixteenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the second area of the Grape Kingdom. The level is quite dark, but Donkey Kong can send out a sound wave to create some light. There are some Bakkies in this stage who glow in the darkness when hit by a sound wave, as well as many large, moving platforms. Primeval Ruins also features a few Dragon Pipes, which carry him to new areas, and Helper Monkeys also fill the level, teaming up to form ropes for the ape to swing on. Normal Helper Monkeys also appear in bushes to throw Donkey Kong to higher areas. A Rolling Frog can also be encountered at the end portion of this level, and it blocks the way through a tight passage. Additionally, New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat adds several stone platforms that must be Hand Slapped to open passages. After Donkey Kong finishes this level, he fights Grave Tusk (or Hard Roc in the New Play Control! version).

Level layout[edit]

This level starts out with Donkey Kong standing on a small, rectangular platform in a dark room. He can send out a sound wave to light up the area a little bit and open a new path. There are many Bakkies in this path, and a large room full of moving platforms is at the end of it. The platforms can be climbed to find two sets of three Banana Bunches. There is an opening under the platform to the right, which leads to another room with moving platforms. With the large platform moving on the left side of the area, Donkey Kong can climb upwards through the area. Some Stingas are at the top of the area, as well as a large dragon head, which sucks up Donkey Kong if hit by a sound wave. The ape is soon sent out of the dragon to a new room with some Helper Monkeys. They Helper Monkeys in this area are teamed up to form a short rope for the ape to swing on. A few more ropes made of Helper Monkeys are in this room, so the ape must jump to each one to reach another platform with a dragon head, along with three Banana Bunches.

The dragon sends Donkey Kong to a new room, where there are more Helper Monkey ropes. The ropes can swing the ape towards the walls, which he can jump off of to reach more Helper Monkeys. At the top of the area is a lone Banandelion, so once the ape swings his way upwards, he can fling himself across a gap with the plant. On the other side of the gap are a few Stingas, as well as a narrow passageway. This pathway is very dark, but is mostly straight. A Rolling Frog is at the end of this long pathway, however, and he completely blocks the way into the next area. Once the foe is defeated, a large room can be entered. The area is mostly empty, except for a few Bees. However, if the ape uses his Sound Wave Attack between two candles in the center of the room, several giant platforms shoot out of the walls. Donkey Kong must use the platforms in addition to his wall jumping abilities to traverse the area. After crossing a few small gaps, the Kong can find a Helper Monkey waiting in a bush. The helper throws him between a set of four Banana Bunches and to another Helper Monkey. This monkey throws him to a nearby platform, where one can find a few Pea Frogs and giant grape bunch. If Donkey Kong bites into this grape bunch, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いにしえの神殿
Inishie no shinden
Ancient Temple