Cactus Mine

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Cactus Mine
Cactus Mine.png
Level code 7-2
World Lemon Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Cactus Mine is the fourteenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the second area of the Lemon Kingdom. This level takes place in a desert filled with cacti, primarily within a giant cactus. Unlike most levels, this stage has a total of four mini-bosses. Throughout the level, Donkey Kong meets a Kobu Kokko, a Gale Hawg, a Coco Pig, who throws coconuts from its tree, and a Dan Spider. The enemies impede Donkey Kong' progress, but they are not the only obstacles in this level. The stage is filled with many tightropes that Donkey Kong can bounce on to reach higher areas. There are also some falling rocks at the beginning of the level, and some vines to slide down. After Donkey Kong eats the giant lemon at the end of the level, he fights Fleet Roc (or Mo-Hog in the New Play Control! version).


This level begins on a straight pathway with many bananas. There are some fairies at the beginning of the area that give out bananas when hit by a sound wave as well. As Donkey Kong climbs this area, he comes up to some rocks rolling down the area. After all the rocks are dodged and the ape enters a large tunnel area, one can find an angered Kobu Kokko, who is in the way. Unlike normal, sleeping Kobu Kokkos, these turn red with anger when Donkey Kong approaches, and attack by slamming their heads into the ground. Once it is defeated, Donkey Kong can progress to a bouncy tightrope connected between two walls. Bouncing on it takes him into the air, where he must to wall jump up to a second wall. At the top of the second wall, there are some Stingas that try to attack the Kong, and some stair platforms leading to another set of walls to climb. At the top of these walls, there are some more bouncy tightropes. A black Mini Pig Poppo is in the center platform of the first two tightropes, and there is a small gap leading to a third tightrope at the end of the area. Another tightrope is to the right of this, and a few Bakkies are on the ceiling above it.

There is another gap near here as well, and it leads outside of the tunnel and onto a Banandelion. The plant can fling Donkey Kong to some bananas, as well as a few purple flowers that can bounce him to a Gale Hawg. Once it is defeated, Donkey Kong can use a tightrope to bounce himself into another tunnel area, where there is a single vine to swing on, along with a lone Helper Monkey. The monkey can throw Donkey Kong in a long room where he must climb vertically using many tightropes. Using the tightropes and his wall-jumping abilities, Donkey Kong can climb up this area and find his way outside. Here, he lands on a tightrope near a Coco Pig, who throws coconuts at him from a tree. Once this enemy is defeated, the way into the next area of the level is opened, and the Kong comes up to a long vine to slide down on. While sliding down, there are a few bananas on the upper part of the vine.

Donkey Kong is soon flung to a second vine, which is tilted to the left, taking him in a different direction. This vine, being much shorter than the last, soon lets the ape off to another vine, which takes him to the right into a tunnel. Once the primate makes his way to the end of the vine, he is flung in the air to some more bananas. If he climbs up the small ramp under the vine, he can make his way up to a small, hidden area below the object, which is filled with many Blooms. When a sound wave is sent to the object that creates the Blooms, the small flowers form into a heart, and several bigger flowers grow around them. Near the Blooms is a big plant that can shoot the ape back onto the vine so he can progress again. Heading straight from the drop-off point of the vine takes the ape to a Dan Spider, who must be defeated to progress. Once it is bested, a giant lemon grows nearby. To the right of this lemon is three bananas and a single Banana Bunch for Donkey Kong to grab. If the ape bites into the big lemon, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サボテン鉱山
Saboten Kōzan
Cactus Mine