Sound Wave Attack

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Donkey Kong performing the Sound Wave Attack

The Sound Wave Attack is an attack that can be performed by Donkey Kong in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. To perform it, the player must clap, or if the player is not using the bongos, the player must tilt the Camera stick in the Nintendo GameCube Controller in any direction. When he performs this move, Donkey Kong will hold his hand in front of him and then make a loud clap that releases a large sound wave. The sound wave is a small red ring and a large green ring. The green ring indicates the range of the sound wave, while the red ring represents the range of Donkey Kong's reach.

If any enemies are hit by the sound wave, they will be briefly stunned. The difference between the normal clap move and the Sound Wave Attack is that during the Sound Wave Attack, Donkey Kong does not grab any nearby items such as bananas.