Opening Ceremony

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kingdom
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony.PNG
Barrel Sun Barrel
Crest(s) 0
Level(s) Opening Ceremony
Ruler None
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Opening Ceremony is the first area of the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. It is simply a small stretch of jungle that is seemingly owned by the Party Monkeys, as no other enemies appear in it. It mainly serves as a tutorial for Donkey Kong to help him learn his moves. At the end of the area, Donkey Kong must break a tree. Donkey Kong returns to Opening Ceremony for a victory celebration with the Helper Monkeys after defeating the Cactus King. If Donkey Kong defeats Ghastly King, then Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong, a multitude of Ninjapes, and Sumo Kong appear at the victory celebration as well.

In New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the Opening Ceremony can only be played once when a new game is started.