Arctic Plunge

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Arctic Plunge
Arctic Plunge.png
World-Level 10-1
World Peach Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Arctic Plunge is the nineteenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Peach Kingdom. The level takes place on and underneath a large iceberg. Under the iceberg is a body of water, which Donkey Kong has to swim through for most of the level. Although level takes place in a cold area, Donkey Kong is not harmed by the coldness of the water, and can easily swim around the many enemies in the water, including the Jelly Fish and Pea Jelly Fish midway through the level. Other enemies include a Rolling Frog and a Tar Fish, who must be defeat for the ape to progress. Because the level is mostly submerged, Donkey Kong does not encounter many obstacles to interact with in it, other than some Helper Monkeys and a crack in the ice that can be opened. At the end of the level, Hoofer appears near a straight path, and Donkey Kong can ride him to finish off the level and play through a bonus game.

Level layout[edit]

The level starts out on a flat, icy surface. There is a straight pathway leading to many yellow fairies flying over a small crack in the ice. If they are hit by a sound wave, the crack opens, revealing the way into the underwater parts of the level. As Donkey Kong falls through this gap, he encounters a few Helper Monkeys and some Blooms. Once he makes it into the water, he finds a curved pathway with some sharp ice crystals and bananas. A wider area is located after this tight passage, and it is occupied by two Needle Poppos. A few small platforms are also in the center of this area, as well as a few bananas and icy crystal obstacles. Traveling farther underneath the glaciers takes Donkey Kong into another narrow pathway. A current is in this passage, which forces the Kong into the next part of the underwater area. As the path widens, many Pea Jelly Fish can be found in the way. Past them is a much larger area underwater. This area is paved with some more sharp ice crystals and a lone clam, which lets out bananas if opened. Jelly Fish enemies are at the edges of this area as well, and a few large, circular platforms are around the center of it. A few yellow fairies are at the surface of the water north from here. If hit by Donkey Kong's Sound Wave Attack, they form a round trampoline that bounces that ape out of the water and to a wall.

There is a small gap above this wall, and he must climb up inside of the gap before it closes. At the top of the wall, there is a long slide leading to a few bananas and a small ramp formed from the ice. Above this ramp is a strange platform, which can be Wall Jumped off of to reach a hidden Helper Monkey. The monkey can throw Donkey Kong to a secret area above the main path, where there are some more Helper Monkeys and small, floating platforms. The lone Helper Monkey in the hidden area is able to throw the ape to a curved platform with three Banana Bunches. The Kong can head down this platform to find some other floating platforms made of ice. The platforms lead him to a set of four Banana Bunches, and then onto a large, curved platform that can help the ape jump to more Banana Bunches. If Donkey Kong jumps down from this large series of icy platforms, he can end up back on the main path, where there are a few hills of ice to skate on. The area soon becomes slanted, and the ape begins to fall down some stair-like platforms leading into water.

This underwater area begins with a pathway leading southeast to a small, open area. There is a small section of dry land under this part of the glacier, and just above the surface of the water is a Helper Monkey, who can throw the ape over an icy platform to some bananas, then back into the water. Farther ahead from here is a narrow passage leading to a Banana Squid, who give the ape bananas if followed down the area. The deeper parts of this passage is occupied by a Rolling Frog. This foe takes up every bit of space in the path, and must be defeated for the Kong to progress. Because of the foe's roundness, it rolls downwards through the slightly slanted pathway. A large piece of ice sitting over a gap is in its path, and when the reptile rolls into the platform, it breaks, revealing a hidden area. In the center of this circular area, which has a few ice crystals paving its lowest parts, Donkey Kong can find a lone Banana Bunch encased in a bubble. If it is collected, several Black Cliones appear in the water to attack the ape; however, they can be defeated to be more bananas.

If Donkey Kong swims back up to the main path, he meets a Rolling Frog again, whom he can defeat to progress. A pathway leading south is farther ahead of here, and as the Kong swims through it, spikes begin to fall towards him. If he manages to avoid them, he can make his way to a flower, which gives him bananas when hit by a sound wave, and a new area. This area is wider than the previous and is covered in ice crystals, however, a Tar Fish is fought here. The Tar Fish blocks the way outside of the body of water. It can eventually be tamed by Donkey Kong to pull him through a very wide area full of Banana Bunches. Soon, the Tar Fish takes Donkey Kong above the surface of the water and the glacier. It then lands on the icy surface of a large, ice platform, where it is defeated. Hoofer is located near here, and Donkey Kong can ride to him pass through the giant peach, which ends the level when touched. However, even after getting the fruit, Hoofer moves ahead to a bonus game with Donkey Kong, where the two must head over many large gaps to earn beats.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 極海氷山
Kyokkai no hyōzan
Polar Sea Iceberg