Aurora Glacier

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Aurora Glacier
Aurora Glacier
Level code 9-1
World Cherry Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Aurora Glacier is the seventeenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Cherry Kingdom. Aurorae can be seen in the outside portion of the level, hence the name. Donkey Kong has less traction on this stage and can easily slide across the icy floors. Ice Bakkies attack Donkey Kong here, causing him to freeze as well if hit. The stage also features some Helper Monkeys, who toss Donkey Kong to new areas. Although it appears to be very chilly in this level, Donkey Kong is able to swim in the underwater areas of it. Two mini-bosses are encountered in this level as well, and they include a set of two Coco Pigs, who throw coconuts and ice balls at Donkey Kong from trees, and a Rolling Frog. At the end of the level, Donkey Kong is able to bite into a cherry bunch to end the level.

This level shares its music with Ice Warren.

Level layout[edit]

The level begins on a long slope, which Donkey Kong is forced to slide down. A bump in the ground is located farther ahead of the start, and when the ape goes over it, he is sent between several Banana Bunches and to many Blooms. The Blooms create a path that goes over the nearby ice crystals and over a ledge. There is a path below this ledge to break the Kong's fall, as well as some white Mini Pig Poppos walking along it. Two groups of three Banana Bunches are also above this area. At the end of the long path is a few stair-like platforms leading to a Gale Hawg, who blocks Donkey Kong's path. Once it is defeated, Donkey Kong can climb up the rest of the stairs to find another slippery slope. While he skates down the area, he treads through a few Snow Men and makes his way into a small, underground ice cavern, where he slides down into a lower area after crashing through three more snowmen.

Another set of snowmen are in the area below this, and Donkey Kong is forced into them because of the slippery ice. Another gap is below this area, and on the way down, one can find some bananas and Banana Bunches. At the lowest area of the cavern, the ground becomes less flat and tilted, although it is still quite slippery. A few Ice Bakkies are along this westward path, as well as a large Snow Mole sticking out of the ground and a few sharp ice crystals. Another Snow Mole is ahead, as well as a Helper Monkey. This monkey throws Donkey Kong through a narrow passage to some other Helper Monkeys. On the way, he runs into some Blooms, which can be collected to earn beats. When the area becomes wider, the ape falls to a giant iceberg floating on the water. Above this rising and sinking platform are three groups of Ice Mini-Igas. A pathway into the water is at the end of this iceberg, and at the bottom of the gap is a set of three Banana Bunches, each encased in a small bubble. Ice crystals pave the underwater areas under the iceberg, and there are several groups of four bananas directing Donkey Kong to the next area. A narrow passage is just ahead from here, and a heavy current is in it, which pushes the ape back to land.

No longer underwater, Donkey Kong soon climbs up a small stair platform to meet two Coco Pigs. Once the foes are defeated, a new Helper Monkey appears. This monkey throws the ape to another Helper Monkey, who then swings him to a high area, where there are four Banana Bunches trapped in bubbles. Near here is a deep abyss leading to another slide. As Donkey Kong goes down this icy surface, he heads past some bananas. After passing a few Snow Moles, who stick out of the top and bottom of the area, Donkey Kong runs into a Rolling Frog. It blocks the ape's path completely, however, once it is defeated, the Kong is able to access another gap that leads him into a lower area. The ground is slippery in here as well, so he must skate down the slope, running into two sets of four Banana Bunches. At the end of the area, the ape slides under a small tree. On this tree's branch is a giant cherry; once Donkey Kong bites into it, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オーロラ氷河ひょうが
Ōrora hyōga
Aurora Glacier


  • This is the only ice level in the game in which Hoofer does not make an appearance.