Banshee Swamp

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Banshee Swamp
Banshee Swamp.png
Level code 11-2
World Melon Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Banshee Swamp is the twenty-second level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the second area of the Melon Kingdom. It takes place in a haunted swamp with many spirits floating by in the background. There are many pits in the level that are filled with a ghostly, blue substance that can burn Donkey Kong if touched. Blue wisps are also located around many parts of the stage, and they move all throughout the areas, trying to hit the ape. Helper Monkeys can be put to use in Banshee Swamp, as well as the two Jungle Buddies, Flurl and Helibird. Both Flurl and the Helibird help him progress over pits and up through the stage. After the Kong eats the giant melon at the end of the level, he fights Bloat-Hog (or Torch Tusk in the New Play Control version).

Level layout[edit]

This level begins with Donkey Kong traveling over a few small hills. Several wisps are above him as he heads to the east, and some Banana Bunches are also ahead in bubbles. A gap shooting more of these wisps is farther ahead, and after it is a second gap. While crossing the two gaps, several wisps begin to follow Donkey Kong, and they must be avoided at all costs. A large pit containing a blue gas is just ahead of here, and a plant is inside of it. The plant can shoot Donkey Kong to a rope of Helper Monkeys above, who can then swing him to Flurl. This buddy is able to help the ape float over the remaining part of the pit, however, many wisps fall as the two travel. On the other end of this pit, there is a large group of bananas forming a diamond, and another small gap is just ahead of the items. Two rectangular platforms are located above and under each other on the other side of this gap, and pairs of wisps float upwards in it. On the lowest rectangular platform, there are some bananas. Two more rectangular platforms are just ahead, and the two groups of platforms are separated by another gap.

The platform in the top-right corner of the area is being circled by two wisps, but is holds some more bananas. A tall platform with vines stretching from it is to the right of this rectangular platform, and Donkey Kong can slide down its vines to progress. Although many Banana Bunches are on the way down the vines ahead, many wisps are as well, and the ghostly, blue gas that fills the level is also below here. At the end of the final vine is a small platform. To the right of this platform is a rope vine, which the ape can swing on to meet a Fire Pig Poppo. This new enemy shoots fire out of its snout. Once it is defeated, the next portion of the level can be accessed. In this new area of the level, there is a lone, purple flower that can push Donkey Kong upwards to reach a nearby Helibird. This Helibird can help the ape fly over the pit that is just ahead. Several wisps swarm the area as the duo crosses the pit, along with some bananas trapped in bubbles. If Donkey Kong uses his Sound Wave Attack on the other side of the pit, several flowers pop out of the ground and give out bananas. There is a set of two walls near here, and between them are many wisps bouncing from left to right. Donkey Kong has to Wall Jump between the two walls, or ride his Helibird through them, to progress. At the top of the walls is another Helibird, who waits on its branch to help Donkey Kong if he has lost his previous Helibird.

With one of the two Helibirds seen in the level, Donkey Kong must fly upwards between several blue wisps through a wide area. Farther ahead, there is a platform floating in the center of the area, along with a Banana Heli Bird, who circles this platform while dropping bananas for the ape. Even higher above this are more wisps. There are two rows of the big rocks being shot through the walls, and the Kong must fly between them to advance. Another small platform is in the center of the area above it, and more of the rocks are farther up as well. These rocks circle two sets of Banana Bunches, which can be collected for more beats. A Helibird waits on a platform just above here in case Donkey Kong falls, and there are four unusual plants hanging on the walls nearby. These plants shoot bananas at the ape to help his beat collection grow. Eventually, Donkey Kong and his Helibird should make their way past a few Ice Mini-Igas to a Helper Monkey. The helper can throw Donkey Kong up higher to an area full of more Helper Monkeys. In this newly accessed area, there is a single Mini Slump Bird throwing Blood Pines. After defeating it, a giant melon appears growing on a nearby tree branch. Biting into it ends the level.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 鬼火おにび
Onibi no numa
Will-O-the-wisp Swamp