Chili Pepper Kingdom

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kingdom
Chili Pepper Kingdom
The Chili Pepper Kingdom's icon from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Barrel B Barrel (GameCube)
J Barrel (Wii)
Crest(s) 34
Level(s) Cloudy Heights
Magma Coliseum
Ruler Double Tusk (Gamecube)
Thunder Roc (Wii)
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The Chili Pepper Kingdom is the fifteenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. It takes place in the clouds and in a lava cave. It is the third kingdom linked to the B Barrel. To access the kingdom, Donkey Kong must clear every kingdom in the "D", "K", and "J" Barrels, defeat the Cactus King, and have a minimum of 34 Crests. The boss of the kingdom is Double Tusk. This kingdom has the largest number of obtainable beats in the game.

The Chili Pepper Kingdom received a few alterations in the New Play Control! port. It was shifted to the J Barrel's fourth kingdom, and its unlock criteria was slightly changed: Donkey Kong also has to obtain three Crests from the previous B Barrel kingdoms. Thunder Roc was also made the new boss of the world. As with the other kingdoms, Donkey Kong eats a giant fruit at the end of every regular level, specifically a chili pepper in this world.


Level Preview Description
Cloudy Heights Cloudy Heights.png Cloudy Heights is the first area of the Chili Pepper Kingdom. It takes place in an area in the sky with many clouds, vines, and floating landmasses. Enemies in this level range to Stingas that swarm around Donkey Kong to Mini Elephant Cannons that shoot cannonballs at the ape. Cloudy Heights has the highest beat-gathering potential of any level due to its design and the large variety of mechanics present in the level allowing DK to perform nearly every combo move in the game and reach the end without ever interrupting the combo.
Magma Coliseum Magma Coliseum.png Magma Coliseum is the second area of the Chili Pepper Kingdom. Many pillars of lava shoot towards the Donkey Kong in this level, and the stage features some unstable platforms floating atop the lava. Gale Hawg's ilk are the prominent enemies in the level, but some more powerful enemies appear here as well, and they are the stage's main obstacles. These enemies include an angered Kobu Kokko, two Coco Pigs, who throw coconuts at the ape from their trees, and a Tar Man that emerges from the lava.
VS. Double Tusk
(GameCube version)
Double Tusk.png In the GameCube version, Double Tusk is fought. The main difference between this boss and the other Tusks is that there are two of them; one is pink camouflage, and the other is brown, like the previous two Tusks. They also share health. Both of them attack by firing cannonballs at the same time. Once one is defeated, the other begins to use the attacks used by the other Tusks. When they are defeated, both Tusks slightly fall apart and deactivate.
VS. Thunder Roc
(New Play Control! version)
Thunder Roc In the New Play Control! version, the boss is Thunder Roc. He is fought in a location that is nearly the same as the other Rocs, but with a gigantic stone column in the middle of the course, with two trampoline vines at the bottom of the course and several helper monkeys, and can only be fought by cracking the egg he carries, like the others. Thunder Roc looks like the other Rocs, but is red and grey. During the battle, he fights with all the other Rocs' attacks. When he reaches half his health, Thunder Roc gains the ability to create a gigantic Shadow Meteor, along with faster speed. When he is defeated, Thunder Roc's egg cracks some more, then shatters, and Thunder Roc explodes into numerous feathers.


  • The Chili Pepper Kingdom, and, more specifically Cloudy Heights, is the only Kingdom in which one can earn the most consecutive combos possible.