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Ice Bananas and Ice Banana Bunches from Silver Snow Peak in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, along with a giant Snow Mole.
Ice Bananas and Ice Banana Bunches in Silver Snow Peak

Ice Bananas are Bananas encased in icicles that appear in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. They are introduced in Silver Snow Peak, and later appear in Iguanagon's Realm. Banana Bunches encased in ice, known as Ice Banana Bunches, also appear. Unlike Ice Bananas, Ice Banana Bunches can also be encased in ice crystals suspended in midair. Donkey Kong can collect an Ice Banana or Ice Banana Bunch by using Hoofer to crash into an icicle containing one. When collected, Ice Bananas are worth one beat, like regular Bananas, and Ice Banana Bunches are worth three beats, like regular Banana Bunches.