Lemon Kingdom

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kingdom
Lemon Kingdom
The Lemon Kingdom's icon from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Barrel K Barrel (GameCube)
J Barrel (Wii)
Crest(s) 8
Level(s) Chopperbird Race
Cactus Mine
Ruler Fleet Roc (GameCube)
Mo-Hog (Wii)
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The Lemon Kingdom is the seventh kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. In the original version of the game, it is the third kingdom linked to the K Barrel and can be accessed by completing all the kingdoms linked to the D Barrel and collecting eight or more Crests. In the New Play Control! version, it is the first kingdom linked to the J Barrel and is accessed by completing the Pineapple Kingdom. It is the dominion of Fleet Roc in the Nintendo GameCube version of the game and Mo-Hog in the New Play Control! version. At the end of every level, Donkey Kong eats a giant lemon.


Level Preview Description
Chopperbird Race Chopperbird Race.png Chopperbird Race is the first area of the Lemon Kingdom. This level takes place in a forest which greatly resembles Helibird Nest, but set in autumn. Donkey Kong races a Chopperbird to the end of the level with the aid of Helibirds. Good control with the Helibirds is the key to winning the race. The level is also filled with many pink flowers that blow wind at Donkey Kong's Helibird to speed it up. There are no enemies in this level, the only things to watch out for are the trees themselves, since colliding with them causes Donkey Kong to lose his Helibird, forcing him to obtain another one and making him lose time. Winning the race is not required, but if Donkey Kong wins, he is awarded with 300 beats.
Cactus Mine Cactus Mine.png Cactus Mine is the second area of the Lemon Kingdom. This level takes place in a desert filled with cacti. Unlike most levels, this stage has a total of four mini-bosses. Throughout the level, Donkey Kong meets a Kobu Kokko, a Gale Hawg, a Coco Pig, who throws coconuts from its tree, and a Dan Spider. These foes impede the ape's progress, but they are not the only obstacles in this level. The stage is filled with many tightropes that Donkey Kong can bounce on to reach higher areas. There are also some falling rocks at the beginning of the level, and some vines to slide down.
VS. Fleet Roc
(GameCube version)
Fleet Roc In the GameCube version, Donkey Kong encounters Fleet Roc. He looks exactly like Scruff Roc, except that he is blue and purple in color. It also carries the same black egg, which must be shattered to defeat it. Fleet Roc is encountered in an area that is almost the same as its predecessor, except that there is a large, stone column in the middle. After being defeated halfway, he gains a new attack: the ability to fire three Shadow Meteors out of its mouth consecutively. After being defeated, the egg it carried shatters, and Fleet Roc will explode into numerous feathers.
VS. Mo-Hog
(New Play Control! version)
Mohog.png In the New Play Control! version, Donkey Kong has to face Mo-Hog, a Rogue-Hog lookalike, but with a lighter skin tone and grey hair. The battle takes place in a forest-like setting, with a large tree in the background. It attacks by throwing electrified coconuts at regular and high speeds at DK. When it reaches half health, it gains the ability to leap in the air, store energy, and then unleash it by flying right at him and swiping its hoofed hand. When defeated, it, too, falls unconscious, allowing slight amounts of electricity to stream out of its body.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レモン王国
Remon Ōkoku
Lemon Kingdom