Sweet Paradise

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Sweet Paradise
Sweet Paradise.png
Level code 8-1
World Grape Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Sweet Paradise is the fifteenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Grape Kingdom. The level takes place in the high up in the sky. There is very little solid ground in this level; Donkey Kong navigates through the level primarily by swimming through a strange colored liquid floating in the sky. There are many small sections of this substance all throughout the level, as well as Helper Monkeys, who assist Donkey Kong by throwing him into higher areas. There are a few meteors in this level as well, but they only appear at the end of the stage. It is possible to finish this level without ever touching the ground; doing so and avoiding taking hits is the key to obtaining a large amount of beats here.

Level layout[edit]

The level begins with Donkey Kong falling towards a few small sections of floating liquids. Below the small sections is one big area of an orange substance, which has two small spaces in the center of it. Bananas are located between these two spaces, and other bananas can be found on the edges of the oddly shaped liquid. Below the large, orange substance is a long vine that takes Donkey Kong farther into the level. In order to grab some more bananas, though, he can head upwards at the end of the substance and jump up to find a few more small sections of the odd liquid. Above them is a set of four Banana Bunches trapped in a bubble. If Donkey Kong slides down the vine below him, he is sent into a rectangular section of a green substance. Above the substance is a Helper Monkey, who throws him to other Helper Monkeys.

The small chain of Helper Monkeys throw Donkey Kong to the highest point of the level, where he lands in a square-shaped section of a pink substance. Three bananas are located above this, and below it is a large, green liquid, with three more bananas above the end of it. Under this is yet another section of liquid, which is in the shape of a question mark. If Donkey Kong swims to the bottom of this substance, he lands in a green section of liquid, which has two wooden walls, both shaped like boomerangs, moving in a large circle. There are some Sea Bats in the center of them, as well as a few Jelly Fish on the outside of them. Below this large green substance is a longer blue substance. A current is in the liquid, and it pushes the Kong down to a much longer brown section of liquid. There are four walls forming a square in this section, and many Mini-Igas are in the center of it. Two Jelly Fish are located at the bottom of this section as well. A green substance is placed under this large section of liquid, and it is followed by a small blue section containing three bananas.

Below this substance is a long vine, which Donkey Kong can slide down to enter an area full of small, square shaped substances. As he heads down the small sections of liquid, he can find two long, rectangular sections to his sides containing some Jelly Fish. After entering the larger, green substance at the bottom of this area, Donkey Kong must beware of falling, as if he does, he lands on a vine that takes him past the next area, which is full of extra bananas. If the ape does manage to not fall, he can get to a Helper Monkey to the right of the green substance, which throws him to another area full of small section of the strange substance that fills the level. Below the several sections is another Helper Monkey, who can throw him to a larger section of the substance. Here, he can find some more Mini-Igas, as well as a path leading to two smaller sections of liquid. Under these sections is a long vine. Donkey Kong can slide down this vine to be flung towards a blue substance built with many small sections of squares, looking much like a checkerboard.

There is a light blue substance near this, and the ape can swim through it to reach several smaller sections found under it. After passing through each of these sections, the Kong falls towards a vine. The vine moves in a zig-zag shape, and lets the ape off to a diamond shaped platform with a black Mini Pig Poppo on it. There are a few more diamond shaped platforms below this, each with three bananas in between them. Soon, however, the ape begins to free fall, as there are no platforms at this point of the level. As he falls, he comes up to a few Banana Bunches, as well as many Blooms. After the ape finishes following the rather straight path of Blooms, as well as defeating some Stingas, several meteors fall towards him. Below this area in the sky is several small sections of liquid. Going through each of the sections take the Kong to a short vine, which flings him over blue and brown substances to a giant grape bunch. If he bites into the grapes, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイーツヘブン
Suītsu Hebun
Sweet Heaven


  • Nintendo logos can be seen in some of the red substance towards the middle of the stage, and the blue and purple at the end. DK logos can be seen in the brown square-shaped substance.