Jungle Deeps

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Jungle Deeps
Level code 1-2
World Banana Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Jungle Deeps is the second level of the Banana Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, as well as the second level overall. It takes place in a large jungle, where Donkey Kong uses Banandelions to fling himself to high areas. He also harnesses the power of the forest mushrooms by clapping, causing the mushrooms to grow to an enormous size. Donkey Kong's first Jungle Buddy, Flurl, is introduced in this level as well. With the help of this new buddy, Donkey Kong glides his way to the exit. After the level is completed, Donkey Kong fights Dread Kong on top of a raging river.

Level layout[edit]

This level begins on a wide tree branch. Upon jumping off the branch, Donkey Kong can clap-grab several Banana Bunches, and then head to the ground. There is a large hill nearby that Donkey Kong must slide down to find some more bananas. At the bottom of the hill are a few Karikari, which Donkey Kong can avoid if he uses the Helper Monkey located beside the hill in the air. This Helper Monkey also throws him to some bananas and Blooms. After landing back on the ground, Donkey Kong must Wall Jump up a few walls. There are some bananas, as well as one Banana Bunch, between the walls for him to grab. When Donkey Kong makes his way up the two walls, he finds a Banandelion nearby. Once he slides upwards on this flower, he is flung to a few small mushrooms growing out of the wall. On his way, there are some Blooms for him to collect. Once Donkey Kong lands on the fungi, the player should clap their hands to make the mushrooms bigger for him to walk on. He can bounce on the mushrooms to reach the platform above, where a Gale Hawg is blocking his path. Once this enemy is defeated, Donkey Kong can continue through a narrow passageway to progress. Above the location of the Gale Hawg, there are also a few Banana Bunches for the Kong to grab.

After he makes it to the exit of the passage, Donkey Kong meets Flurl, the first Jungle Buddy. Holding on to the buddy, he slowly floats downwards towards several bananas and Banana Bunches. Flurl soon leaves Donkey Kong off near a few Pea Frogs and a wall to climb up. Once he wall jumps up the area, he should make it to a series of small mushrooms. Again, they grow once the player claps their hands, allowing Donkey Kong to reach higher areas. After bouncing on the fungi, he should soon reach some Banana Bunches, as well as the final giant banana. Once he bites into the fruit, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディープジャングル
Dīpu Janguru
Deep Jungle