Monkey Fest

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Monkey Fest
Monkey Fest.png
Level code 3-1
World Watermelon Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Monkey Fest is the fifth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Watermelon Kingdom. It takes place in and around multiple large trees. This level centers entirely around bouncing off vines and being tossed around by Helper Monkeys, and it is the first level in which a combo can be held from the start all the way to the finish.

Level layout[edit]

This level starts out with Donkey Kong jumping off a small mushroom near a Helper Monkey. The Helper Monkey throws him upwards, where a second Helper Monkey is waiting. When it is reached, Donkey Kong is tossed upwards again on a tightrope. He can bounce on the rope and the tightrope above it to reach another Helper Monkey. This monkey throws him to a chain of Helper Monkeys. With well-timed clapping, Donkey Kong can be flung by the many Helper Monkeys all the way to the top of the area. Upon being thrown by the final monkey before hitting the next tightrope, Donkey Kong is tossed between a large group of Banana Bunches, which he can grab for more beats. At the top of the area, there is a tightrope to bounce on, as well as another Helper Monkey right above it. Like the monkeys before, this Helper Monkey throws him to several other helpers. On the way through the chain of Helper Monkeys, who swing him to the eastern part of the tree, Donkey Kong is thrown towards many Blooms, which can give him more beats if enough are collected.

Eventually, the Kong begins to fall downwards through the level. There are some more Helper Monkeys on the way down to throw him to some Blooms and bananas. At the bottom of this area, he is flung across the center of the tree by one of these Helper Monkeys. Now on the western part of the level, Donkey Kong lands on another long tightrope. There is a platform in the center of this tightrope to help him reach more Helper Monkeys. The monkeys throw him upwards, where he encounters more Blooms. Eventually, the Kong is sent between many Mini-Igas and to another Helper Monkey. This monkey throws him even higher, until he finally reaches the giant watermelon, growing on the end of a large tree branch. Once he bites into it, the level ends.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キッキむらまつ
Kikki Mura no Matsuri
Festival of the Helper Monkey Village