Sacred Tree

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The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree is an area in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat that Donkey Kong can obtain Crests from after completing a kingdom. To do so, he must offer beats and bananas to it after completing a kingdom.

The scoring system differs between the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! versions. In the original, the scores are divided into four zones: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. In the remake, there are only three zones, and each Crest is platinum. In the original version, by obtaining a Crest, Donkey Kong automatically also receives the Crests from a lower rank as well (e.g. a Gold Crest also rewards him with the Silver and the Bronze Crest).


GameCube version[edit]

  • Fewer than 400 beats (or by only defeating the boss): Bronze Crest
  • 400-799 beats: Silver Crest
  • 800-1,199 beats: Gold Crest
  • 1,200 beats or more: Platinum Crest (optional)

New Play Control! version[edit]

  • 200-499 bananas: 1 Crest
  • 500-999 bananas: 2 Crests
  • 1,000 bananas or more: All 3 Crests