Sacred Tree

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Not to be confused with Old Sacred Tree.
The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree is an area in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat that Donkey Kong can obtain Crests from after completing a kingdom. To do so, he must offer beats and bananas to it after completing a kingdom.

The scoring system differs between the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! versions. In the original, the scores are divided into four zones: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. In the remake, there are only three zones, and each Crest is platinum. In the original version, by obtaining a Crest, Donkey Kong automatically also receives the Crests from a lower rank as well (e.g. a Gold Crest also rewards him with the Silver and the Bronze Crest).


GameCube version[edit]

  • 1-399 beats: Bronze Crest
  • 400-799 beats: Silver Crest
  • 800-1,199 beats: Gold Crest
  • 1,200 beats or more: Platinum Crest (optional)

New Play Control! version[edit]

  • 200-499 bananas: 1 Crest
  • 500-999 bananas: 2 Crests
  • 1,000 bananas or more: All 3 Crests