Old Sacred Tree

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Not to be confused with Sacred Tree.
Sacred Forest
The Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad at the Old Sacred Tree
“Come, all ye pure of heart.”
Sign, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Old Sacred Tree is a location in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found in the Sacred Forest, a section of the forest on Prism Island that has been shrunken by Kamek's magic. When Mario first approaches the tree, the Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad wishes to it in hopes of joining the Rescue Squad. After the Toad leaves to wait in Port Prisma, Huey notices a Paint Star Piece stuck in the tree's leaves. Before Mario can use his hammer or Paint Hammer to hit the tree, Huey stays back. After Mario hits the tree, the Paint Star Piece falls along with a Small Goomba Gang that First Strike him. If Mario hits the tree with his hammer after this point, a Small Goomba falls out of the tree and attacks him.