Rescue Green

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Rescue Green
Rescue Green PMCS.png
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Sorry, I thought my training prepared me for this... Anyway, I'm the leader of the green Rescue Squad. Pleased to meet you.”
Rescue Green, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Rescue Green is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is the captain of the green Rescue Squad, consisting of seven members including himself. He is found at the start of Indigo Underground, clogging the Warp Pipe leading to the majority of the level. As such, he is required to be the first one of his squad rescued. The rest of his members are found throughout the area, and help out Mario by forming a small bridge toward the end of the level. Rescue Green also stars in a seven-part series, Rescue V: Fearless Color Defenders, in which he narrates certain events in the game. He reappears with a cameo in Paper Mario: The Origami King.


Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

When Mario tries to enter the Warp Pipe at the start of Indigo Underground, he is pushed right back out, revealing a pair of stubby legs. If Mario tries to simply pull him out of the pipe, it makes the matter worse - Mario becomes exhausted and the person stuck tells him to knock it off. Mario must use the Cutout and have the Plunger suck him out of the pipe. He is immediately worried at the thought of where the Plunger had been, but quickly brushes it off and introduces himself as the captain of the green Rescue Squad. He states they had received reports of trouble in this area and ended up getting too involved. Mario has no choice but to rescue his teammates.

Once each member is rescued, they report to the gap at the end of the level blocking off the Mini Paint Star. After a successful roll call, they are able to form a bridge allowing Mario to reach the other side. As he crosses over, each Toad calls out their name, with the captain addressing his position.

Rescue Green does not appear again until the ending sequence, in which he salutes alongside the other captains on the balcony below Mario, Princess Peach and Toad.

Rescue V: Fearless Color Defenders[edit]

Rescue Green appears in select episodes of the mini-series, either as a main character or as a brief commentator. He also appears in the theme song of every episode.

Episode 1[edit]

Rescue Green is summoned before the Rescue Squad Chief alongside his fellow captains at their headquarters. He becomes dismayed when the chief tells them Mario is able to take credit for their work, prompting him to show the chief bending himself and his comrades just to form a bridge for Mario. He claims he received back pain as a result and had to go to a chiropractor. This, along with their other suggestions, manages to convince the chief to send them out, allowing them to share stories of their own. He, along with the other captains, happily accepts.

Episode 5[edit]

Outside of the title theme, Rescue Green is not seen again until the fifth episode, in which he is the main narrator. Despite this, he apparently refuses to talk, instead facing toward the screen without showing his face. The other captains try to summarize his events for him while Rescue Red tries to snap him out of it. When he turns around, it is revealed he had been asleep, much to their annoyance. He denies falling asleep and does not recognize his own squad members at first. This aggravates the others even more, who tell him he missed the opportunity to talk about his team. He simply tells them he is tired and wonders if they have any green tea.

Episode 7[edit]

Rescue Green makes his next and final appearance in the finale. He and the other captains allow the chief to summarize their accomplishments and the events of the game, but become annoyed by him oversimplifying, more so when he almost spoils the ending. When the chief is done talking, Rescue Green notes Rescue Red is missing his color. Fortunately for them, Mario arrives soon enough and restores his colors. Unfortunately for them, this results in them getting fired and their squads getting disbanded.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

Rescue Green makes a minor appearance in Paper Mario: The Origami King, serving alongside the other captains as training targets in the ring machine at the Battle Lab.


  • "Hey, CUT IT OUT! Don't pull so hard! You're gonna tear my legs off! Can't you find another way to get me out of here? With some sort of... suction device or something? I don't care what you have to do. Just UNCLOG THIS STUPID PIPE!"
  • "I said CUT IT OUT! Go find something to unclog this pipe! Some sort of suction device or something! Urghhhh. Where's a plumber when you need one?"
  • "Ughhhhhhhhh! PLEASE tell me you washed that plunger before using it on me!"
  • "Sorry, I thought my training prepared me for this... Anyway, I'm the leader of the green Rescue Squad. Pleased to meet you. We received reports of trouble deep in the Indigo Underground, so we rushed here as quickly as we could. But we got ambushed as soon as we arrived, and my six squad members were all separated!"
  • "It was bad. We got flattened, creased, folded, crinkled, ripped, torn... You name it! I got stuffed in this pipe like a little green spitball! And I'm the LEADER! This might come as a shock, but I need you to rescue my six squaddies."
  • "The bad guys in there are tougher than any I've seen. I'd be careful."
  • "Like I said, the guys in there are pretty scary. Be careful."
  • "That was one of the guys who attacked us! There's more inside. Be careful. I'm going to go on ahead... I've got to get to the rendezvous point!"
  • "Hey, Mario! As I mentioned, I'm the leader of the green Rescue Squad! If you find any of my six squaddies, tell them to meet me here! Over and out!"
  • "Roll call!"
  • "We're still missing [number] of the green Rescue Squadets!"
  • "And I make seven! All present and accounted for!"
  • "Green Rescue Squad! Commence Operation Toadbridge! All units, to your positions!"
  • "Mission accomplished!"
  • "Thank you, Mario! You rescued us, even though we should be the ones doing the rescuing! Feel free to walk on us as hard as you want! Really go to town! I'm serious! Our bond is stronger than any weight. There's no way we'll collapse."
  • "Contact! Squaddie #3's nose has been invaded by water! Requesting backup!"
  • "Mario, our debts to you are really starting to stack up! Squaddie #3, sitrep!"
  • "Mario! Thank you so much!"