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The Origami King enemy
Colored Pencils
The Colored Pencils from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Description The first big boss of King Olly's Legion of Stationery. Talented, but not as talented as he thinks.
HP 150
Type Normal
Item drops None
Moves Primary Target (3), Reloading…, Pencil Rain (3 per pencil), Snap Shut (16), Rainbow Roll (4 × 12), Worst Case (2)
Location(s) Overlook Tower
“I'm sick and tired of Philistines like you ERASING all of my hard work, man. You probably haven't heard of me, right? Figures. When was the last time you even went to a gallery? Pfft. Don't answer. I'm gonna give you an art lesson for free. The name's Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th. I represent the Legion of Stationery, I'll have you know! Anyway, I'm guarding this streamer, and I'll scribble on your flat face if that's what it takes to stop you.”
Colored Pencils, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Colored Pencils' Collectible Treasure in the Musée Champignon from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Colored Pencils' Collectible Treasure in the Musée Champignon.

Colored Pencils, The Missile Maestro (also referred to as Color Pencil[1] and Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th), is a member of the Legion of Stationery who guards a spool for the red streamer and the boss of Overlook Tower in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is an oversized red tin pencil case sporting King Olly's logo on the front. He normally holds 12 colored pencils inside, whose colors are, from left to right, white, lime, green, cyan, blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, beige, brown, and black. These are used as missiles. His dialogue is displayed with each symbol being semi-randomly picked from those colors, or, when severely damaged, a light gray.

By the time Mario has entered Overlook Tower, Colored Pencils has created drawings on the walls and floors, including one at the entrance displaying King Olly. As Mario scales the tower, Colored Pencils continually tries to stop him. First, the boss damages the elevator by piercing it with colored pencils, which, after being removed, cause the elevator to plunge back to the first floor. Second, when Mario reaches a cafe on the third floor, Colored Pencils retaliates by launching large salvos of pencils. The pencils also block the doorway out of the tower.

Once Mario reaches the red streamer's spool, he attempts to dislodge it by jumping into it, to no avail. Afterwards, two colored pencils are launched, forcing Olivia to shove Mario out of the way. The case then reveals himself, Mario pulling Olivia away when he is about to flatten her. Colored Pencils expresses detest of people erasing his work, introduces himself, and fights Mario.

After being defeated, Colored Pencils laments that Mario was better as a side-scroller, and explodes, erasing his drawings off screen and releasing a Magic Circle that Mario can use to destroy the spool.


“Feast your eyes upon my art-senal! Twelve colored pencils, ready to make your paper bodies my canvas!”
Colored Pencils, Paper Mario: The Origami King

In the first phase of the battle, Colored Pencils will launch four to six pencils prior to Mario lining up rings. The pencils signal their landing spot by placing targets over spaces on the board. The targets do not move when rings are rotated or slid. Merely walking over a targeted tile will cause Mario to be struck by a pencil for 3 damage, though it will not cancel his turn. After Mario finishes moving, any pencils that are still airborne will strike their targets. After Mario attacks, Colored Pencils will attempt to launch a Pencil Rain, launching his remaining pencils at Mario for 3 damage each, and then using Reloading, receiving 12 new pencils in time to launch and set more targets. However, if his lid is closed, which is achieved by Mario stopping behind the case and either using a strong enough Hammer attack or using the 1,000-Fold Arms to close the lid, the pencils will explode inside the case, dealing 3 damage each to Colored Pencils and stunning the boss, rendering himself unable to reload. The next turn, Mario can damage the open case by jumping, and Colored Pencils attacks him with Snap Shut, dealing 10-16 damage should Mario be in the inner two rings, then use Reloading again. If Mario closes the lid when the case is empty, Colored Pencils will taunt him before attacking him with Snap Shut.

At half HP or less, Colored Pencils will start using Rainbow Roll attacks, dealing 4 damage twelve times when able to, in bursts of three pencils, before Reloading. The technique also prevents Mario from closing the lid as he charges up during his turn. Instead, Mario can use the 1,000-Fold Arms in front of Colored Pencils and grab the pencils, then initiate a rush attack by slamming the case with them. If Colored Pencils still has HP left afterwards, the severely damaged case will be rendered permanently unable to reload, attacking with Worst Case for the rest of the battle, dealing 2 damage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イロエンピツ[2]
ジャン=ピエール・イロエンピツ 12
Jan-Piēru Iroenpitsu 12-sei

Colored Pencils
Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th

Chinese (simplified) 彩色铅笔[3]
Ràng-Pí'āi'ěr Cǎisèqiānbǐ 12 Shì

Colored Pencils

Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th

Chinese (traditional) 彩色鉛筆[4]
Shàng-Píyē'ěr Cǎisèqiānbǐ 12 Shì

Colored Pencils

Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th

Dutch Kleurpotloden
KLaudius KLementinus KLeurpotloden XII
Colored Pencils
The "KL" in each of his names is capitalized, and alliterate with "kleurpotloden". "XII" is the Roman numeral for 12, and at the end of a name, is pronounced as "de 12e" (the 12th)
French Boîte de crayons
Côme Raoul Aimé Yves Oscar Nicolas Siméon de Couleur, 12ème du nom
Pencils box
Acrostic for "Crayons de Couleur, 12ème du nom", meaning "Colored Pencils, the 12th"
German Buntstifte
Buntward von und zu Stiftius der 12
Colored Pencils
Name mixed with puns on either "Bunt" (colorful) and "Stift" (pen / pencil), or "Buntstift" (colored pencil)
Italian Astuccio di pastelli
Duccio Astuccio della Matitesca XII
Pastel Case
Duccio is a given name that rhymes with astuccio (pencil case), della Matitesca sounds like an ancient family name and contains the word matita (pencil).
Korean 색연필
장 피에르 색연필 12세
Jang Piereu Saeng-nyeonpil Sibise

Colored Pencils

Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th

Russian Цветные карандаши
Tsvetnyye karandashi
Colored Pencils

Spanish (NOA) Lápices de colores
Fabio Colorel XII
Colored pencils
Colorel comes from the word "colores" (colors) and "coronel" (colonel)
Spanish (NOE) Lápices de colores
Doce Lores
Colored pencils
Twelve Lords. "Lores" is a pun on "colores" (colors) and "lores" (lords)

The Missile Maestro[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミサイルアーティスト
Misairu Ātisuto
Missile Artist

Chinese (simplified) 导弹艺术家
Dǎodàn Yìshùjiā
Missile Artist

Chinese (traditional) 飛彈藝術家
Fēidàn Yìshùjiā
Missile Artist

French Le coloriste balistique
The Ballistic Colorist
German Der Kunststifter
Mix of "Kunst stiften" (donating art to a museum) and "Stift" (pencil), probably also "Unruhestifter" (troublemaker)
Italian L'artista missilista
The missile artist
Spanish El artillero virtuoso
The Virtuous Gunner


  • Because of the limited range of Colored Pencils' Snap Shut attack, if Mario is in the outer rings, it is possible to fight him without receiving any damage,[5] making this the only boss to grant both the No-Damage Bonus and 1000-Fold Arms Finisher coin bonuses if Mario defeats him.
  • Colored Pencils is one of the two only members of the Legion of Stationery to be addressed with male pronouns. The second member is Hole Punch.