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Shogun Studios
Shogun Studios in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toads 34
Not-Bottomless Holes 19
Collectible Treasures 10
? Blocks 9
Enemies Ninjis
Shy Guys
Koopa Troopas
Paper Macho Koopa Troopas
“We had so much fun in this park with Bobby...and we went to see that special show too! We helped him make so many great memories...but I guess we made them for ourselves too.”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Shogun Studios is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is a Japanese-themed amusement park, themed after the real-world Edo Wonderland. Notable attractions include the Dress-Up Photo Studio, the House of Riddles, the Souvenir Shop, the Big Sho' Theater, the Ninja Attraction, the Shuriken Dojo, and Tranquil Pipes Teahouse. Mario, Olivia, and Bob-omb visit here after traveling down Eddy River from Autumn Mountain. Downstream from Shogun Studios is Sweetpaper Valley. The Fire Hammer and Ice Hammer can only be obtained and found at Shogun Studios.


While Mario, Olivia, and Bob-omb are being guided downstream from Autumn Mountain on the Oarsman's canoe, they pass by Shogun Studios. Olivia is very excited and wants Mario to stop there, pointing out that they have to go as the blue streamer is wrapped around Big Sho' Theater. If Mario chooses to continue downstream, however, the blue streamer blocks the path to Sweetpaper Valley. At the entrance, Mario has to buy a pass to enter the park: the Commoner Pass is 2400 coins while the Royalty Pass costs 9800 Coins.

A map of Shogun Studios

Upon entering Shogun Studios, Olivia and Bob-omb notice how quiet the park is. A Goomba, Snifit, and Koopa Troopa inform Mario that the staff have been trapped in a large castle called Big Sho' Theater. Mario and Olivia ram into the door, while Bob-omb notices a keyhole. Olivia encourages Mario to explore Shogun Studios and find the staff key to the park.

A Paper Macho Koopa Troopa blocks the way to the House of Riddles. To wake it up, Mario must climb up the Lookout Tower and hammer the bell. He can then free a staff Toad at the inside door of the tower, who gives Mario a hint as to where the staff room is located. By opening part of a bush at the east end of the park, Mario can access the staff room and free the owner of the Shuriken Dojo. However, the staff key is missing; it turns out to have been taken by Luigi, who is trapped in the Ninja Attraction. The Jungle King Mask, Space Warrior Mask, and Goomba Mask are also located in this room.

A chain of deals quest takes place at Shogun Studios. Going to the south end of the park, Mario enters the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse. A Shy Guy criticizes the serving glasses and gives Mario his Straw. East of the staff room, a training Ninji has forgotten his breathing tube and brought his Shuriken instead. Mario must trade the Straw, which the Ninji uses as a breathing tube instead, for the Shuriken. The Shuriken is used to open the Shuriken Dojo, and if Mario plays the shuriken-throwing game and gets a score of exactly 21, he is awarded with the Baseball. Behind a house elsewhere in the park, two Dry Bones are throwing a Bone back and forth. Mario can trade the Baseball for their Bone, then feed it to Princess, an angry Chain Chomp.

As Olivia pets Princess, a MAX UP Heart appears. Mario, Olivia, and Bob-omb go to the Ninja Attraction, finding Luigi and getting the Shogun Studios Master Key. They use this to unlock the door to Big Sho' Theater, defeat Rubber Band, free the Toads who are restrained to the theater seats, and destroy the blue streamer. As they exit the theater, the freed Toads throw them a celebration. Watching the fireworks, Bob-omb suddenly regains his memories, but promises to stick with Mario and Olivia as they continue to Sweetpaper Valley. As the Oarsman rows downstream, various Toads wave goodbye to Mario.

There is a fishing spot at the southeast end of Shogun Studios. Mario may fish up a Legendary Cheep Cheep that turns out to be a Ninji in disguise; the staff Toad gives Mario 100 coins in consolation.

Hidden Toads[edit]

Shogun Studios
Love Toad is found folded into a heart outside the gates and next to the Warp Pipe.
A red Toad is folded into an origami fan in a building near the Souvenir Shop.
The owner of the Fun, Funky, and Functional accessory shop is hiding behind a small structure.
After fixing a Not-Bottomless Hole in the wall of a door, Mario must enter it and unfold the origami flower into a Toad.
To the left of the previous building, Mario must defeat the Folded Soldier Shy Guy and hammer the drawers to release three Toads.
In a house, the cushion must be hammered to reveal an origami cat Toad sitting on the other side.
South of the house with three doors is a Toad folded onto one of the ladders.
In the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse, Mario must hammer a cushion to reveal a Toad.
Mario must hammer open an umbrella south of the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse to reveal a Toad.
An origami dog Toad is barking at Princess.
In a house on the right side of the main road leading to Big Sho' Theater, Mario must hammer the hat to free a Toad.
Mario must hammer the Toad on the sign outside Big Sho' Theater.
An origami dragonfly Toad is flying near the three potted plants right of the Save Block.
In the Ninji training area, Mario must hammer a lantern to reveal a Magic Circle. He then should use the 1,000-Fold Arms to knock down a folded Toad lantern.
In the Ninji training area, Mario must jump on the crates and hammer a lantern on the left side.
An origami dragonfly Toad is flying outside the staff room.
In the staff room, on the cabinet is a folded Toad.
In the staff room, Mario must open the left locker to reveal a Toad.
In the staff room, Mario must pull a staff Toad out of the mouth of the Goomba Mask.
In the staff room, Mario must hammer the trash can and flatten the Toad inside.
Outside the Shuriken Dojo, Mario must hammer the small shuriken stuck to the sign, folding it back into a Toad.
In the Dress-Up Photo Studio, a Toad is trapped in a frame on the left side.
In a house near the Lookout Tower, Mario must pull a Toad out of some clothing hanging on the right side.
Mario must hammer the sign on the roof of the Dress-Up Photo Studio to free a Toad.
Mario must hammer the bell on the Lookout Tower 30 times in a row to reveal a Toad.
A staff Toad is stuck inside the bell tower and is freed when the tape is removed from the door and the Paper Macho Koopa Troopa is defeated.
In one house, four Toads have been folded into a grasshopper, a scarab, a bonsai tree, and a butterfly.
After freeing the previous Toads, Mario must jump on the drawers and hammer a hole in the wall. A Toad is folded up as a fish in this room.
In the room leading to the Dry Bones, Mario must hammer to reveal a ? Block and then jump on it to push an origami flower Toad out of its pot.
A staff Toad is folded up in the stable next to Princess.
Near the training Ninjis, one house contains three Toads hiding in a pile of ash.
A Toad is stuck in the satellite office that leads to the Sensor Lab.
In a building before the House of Riddles, four Toads are stuck in the lanterns.
In the Souvenir Shop, Mario must rescue the shop owner by using the Shogun Studios Master Key to open the door and find the Toad.
A Toad is folded as a fish and can be rescued by fishing at the south end of the park.

Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Shogun Studios

Collectible Treasures[edit]

Shogun Studios
Collectible Treasure #40: Downriver Tour Boat is found by using the Royalty Pass in one building near the entrance.
Collectible Treasure #41: Chestnuts is in the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse, accessible by using the Royalty Pass on a treasure chest.
Collectible Treasure #42: Water Vellumental's Wheel is found by using the Royalty Pass in a house near the Lookout Tower.
Collectible Treasure #43: Relaxing Bench is in a treasure chest slightly obscured by a tree near the staff room.
Collectible Treasure #44: Paper Macho Koopa Troopa is obtained by scoring 80 or more points in Expert Mode at the Shuriken Dojo.
Collectible Treasure #45: Canned Tuna can be fished up at the fishing spot near the south end of the park.
Collectible Treasure #46: Big Sho' Theater can be purchased at the Souvenir Shop.
Collectible Treasure #47: Canned-Food Par-tay Trio can be found near the training Ninjis, accessible by using the Royalty Pass on a chest.
Collectible Treasure #48: Lookout Tower Bell is found by ringing the Lookout Tower's bell 100 times in a row.
Collectible Treasure #49: Water Vellumental Shrine is in a hidden ? Block outside the House of Riddles.

? Blocks[edit]

Shogun Studios
Outside the park's entrance, Mario must jump between two lamps to find a ? Block containing a Fire Hammer.
In the area with the Goomba, Snifit, and Koopa Troopa, a ? Block containing a Tail is found.
Outside Big Sho' Theater, a ? Block containing coins is located right of the Save Block.
A hidden ? Block containing an Ice Hammer is found while standing on a thatched block near the wall south of where the Ninjis are training.
A hidden ? Block containing a Tail is found by jumping while standing on the barrel next to the staff room.
In one house near the Dry Bones, a hidden ? Block must be revealed to reach a Toad folded as a flower.
A ? Block containing Shiny Boots is outside the Ninja Attraction.
Outside the House of Riddles, a hidden ? Block near the lantern gives Mario Collectible Treasure #49: Water Vellumental Shrine.
In the Dry Bones area, jump to the left to find a ? Block containing a Hurlhammer.


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Audio.svg Shogun Studios - Plays after defeating Rubber Band.
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Audio.svg Shogun Studios Entrance - Plays at the entrance gates.
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese OEDOランド
OEDO rando
"Great Edo" Land; based on O-edo, the original name of Tokyo
Chinese (Simplified) 江户园地
Jiānghù Yuándì
Edo Park
Chinese (Traditional) 江戶園地
Jiānghù Yuándì
Edo Park
Dutch Samoeraipark Samurai Park
French Shogunland
German Shogunland
Italian Ninjaland
Spanish Parque Samurái Samurai Park


  • If Mario fax travels from the Sensor Lab to its satellite office in Shogun Studios and exits the office, a staff Toad will forcefully escort him to the park entrance, even with the Lamination Suit on.