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Mario and Goombella inside the shop.

The Souvenir Shop is a shop located in Glitzville and managed by a Green Toad in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Most of the items it sells can't be easily obtained elsewhere.


Item Price Item Price Item Price
Earth Quake

Earth Quake TTYD.png

15 Coins Point Swap

Point Swap.PNG

5 Coins Power Punch

Power Punch TTYD.png

15 Coins
Repel Cape

Repel Cape TTYD.png

15 Coins Super Shroom


15 Coins Thunder Bolt

Thunderbolt 2.png

12 Coins

Best selling prices[edit]

Item Price Item Price Item Price

Coconut PM2.png

3 Coins Keel Mango

KeelMango PM2.png

3 Coins Peachy Peach

PeachyPeach SPM.png

6 Coins
Thunder Bolt

Thunderbolt 2.png

6 Coins Zess Deluxe


75 Coins Zess Dinner


15 Coins
Zess Special


25 Coins