Souvenir Shop (Super Mario Odyssey)

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Souvenir Shop
Crazy Cap Bowsers Kingdom.jpg
Greater location Bowser's Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Souvenir Shop is a location in Bowser's Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It has a small wooden shoppe essentially serving as the kingdom's Crazy Cap, though there is also a garden nearby.

Like the other locations in Bowser's Kingdom, the Souvenir Shop is an island floating in the sky. It is between the Second Courtyard and Main Courtyard Entrance, accessed via spark pylon. In front of the Checkpoint Flag is the Crazy Cap, this one being run by New Donkers. Behind the shoppe is a small sitting area. A New Donker stands next to a locked door in the back of the shoppe, granting Mario access to a secret area if he dons the appropriate attire.

There are two Jizo statues on the side of the shoppe. Mario may capture one and put it in place with the others in the garden to reveal a Power Moon. He may also break through a cracked stone slab nearby to find a hidden area with a missing Jizo. Once again, getting into position of where the Jizo would be reveals a Power Moon. There is then a Warp Pipe taking Mario back to the surface.