Path to the Secret Flower Field

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Path to the Secret Flower Field
The third Power Moon of the Wooded Kingdom.
Location Wooded Kingdom
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Path to the Secret Flower Field is the third story mission of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objective is to reach the top of the Secret Flower Field.


The mission begins at the Odyssey, and Mario must enter the area the Sphynx was blocking earlier. He must then capture a Sherm to destroy a portion of a wall, then obtain a Seed to throw it into a patch of dirt and grow a Beanstalk. He will be taken directly to the Forest Charging Station.

Afterwards, Mario must avoid some Goombas and capture an additional Sherm to destroy portions of a wall for which to climb across. After reaching Summit Path, Mario must use a Rocket Flower to dash up the wall and reach Iron Mountain Path, Station 8. Afterwards, he must capture a Sherm to take out the rotating defense mechanism to reveal the Power Moon.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Forest Charging Station
  • Summit Path
  • Iron Mountain Path, Station 8


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 目指せ! ヒミツの花バタケ
Mezase! Himitsu no Hanabatake
Aim For It! The Secret Flower Garden

Chinese (simplified) 目标!秘密花圃
Mùbiāo! Mìmì huāpǔ
Target! The Secret Flower Garden

Chinese (traditional) 目標!秘密花圃
Mùbiāo! Mìmì huāpǔ
Target! The Secret Flower Garden

Italian Verso il Giardino Segreto
To the Secret Garden
Spanish (NOE) Camino al Jardín Secreto
Path to the Secret Garden