Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In!

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Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In!
Big Pot on the Volcano Dive In.png
Location Luncheon Kingdom
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In! is the third story mission of the Luncheon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objective is to reach the Stupendous Stew.


The mission begins at the spot where Mario found the previous Power Moon. Mario must capture a Lava Bubble to reach some platforms up ahead, then make a small climb to reach some stuck high-up Volbonans. He then must capture the Meat, and must jump to shake off the salt and then move towards where Cookatiel can see him. He is then taken to the stew pot on Mount Volbono. Mario must then simply jump across the other ingredients to the Multi Moon.

Locations visited[edit]

  • Path to the Meat Plateau
  • Meat Plateau


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とび込め! 火山の大ナベ
Tobikome! Kazan no Dai Nabe
Jump In! The Volcano's Big Pot
Chinese (Simplified) 跳进去! 火山的大锅
Tiào jìnqù! Huǒshān de dà guō
Jump In! The Volcano's Big Pot
Chinese (Traditional) 跳進去! 火山的大鍋子
Tiào jìnqù! Huǒshān de dà guōzi
Jump In! The Volcano's Big Pot
Italian Un tuffo nel calderone sul vulcano A dip in the cauldron on the volcano
Spanish (NOE) Directo a la cazuela Straight to the Pot


  • This Multi Moon is the only Multi Moon that when obtained, Mario does not automatically teleport back to the Odyssey. Instead, he is blown up by the volcano and sent flying back to the Odyssey.