Water Plaza

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Water Plaza
SMO Lake Brochure A.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Greater location Lake Kingdom
Inhabitants Lochladies
“Who put this whole giant town underwater?!”
New Donker, Super Mario Odyssey

The Water Plaza is a location in the Lake Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a domed underwater plaza on the west end of Lake Lamode inhabited by Lochladies. Though it is underwater, the interior of the Water Plaza is mostly dry, despite there being nothing separating the plaza's entrances from the lake's water. The plaza's architecture resembles ancient ruins, featuring many tall pillars and crumbled stone. Bubblainians, Volbonans, and a New Donker visit the Water Plaza after the main story's completion.

The Water Plaza has three floors. The first floor can be accessed through the front entrance where Talkatoo and the Water Plaza Entrance Checkpoint Flag can be found. There is a deep pool in the center that leads to a domed camp site where Captain Toad will give Mario a Power Moon. There are multiple alcoves in the back, one of which leads to a secret room where a Lochlady will give Mario a Power Moon for keeping the hidden room a secret. A water elevator on the left can be used to travel between the first floor and second floor.

The second floor has entrances on both the left and right side of the dome. This floor features the Water Plaza Display Window where the Lochlady Dress is kept, though the dress is missing until the main story's completion due to Bowser stealing it. On the left is a locked door guarded by a Lochlady which leads inside the display window, where Mario can throw Cappy onto the dress stand to spawn a Power Moon. Mario must be wearing the Swim Goggles and either the Swimwear or Boxer Shorts for the Lochlady to let him in. On the right is a Checkpoint Flag and a Crazy Cap.

The third floor can be accessed through the entrance on top of the dome and has a water elevator in the center that Mario can swim through to reach the Water Plaza Terrace, where the Style Sisters can be found after completing the main story. By using two Hat Trampolines, Mario can reach a Checkpoint Flag and the arena where Rango is fought.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水の広場
Mizu no Hiroba
Water Plaza

Italian Piazza Acquina
Little Water Plaza
Spanish Plaza del Agua
Water Plaza