The Bound Bowl Grand Prix

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This article is about the story mission. For the minigame, see Bound Bowl Grand Prix.
The Bound Bowl Grand Prix
Location Snow Kingdom
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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The Bound Bowl Grand Prix is the second and final story mission of the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The goal is to win the Bound Bowl Grand Prix.


The mission begins where the previous mission ended, and Mario must return to the formerly barriered entrance to the Snowline Circuit. He will then have to slide down the entrance into a light room with Shiverians giving tips about the race and saying that a racer is yet to come out. Mario will have to go down a corridor leading to a room covered in snow. A lonely Shiverian is then found sobbing, saying that the other racers take the race too seriously, that he is not going to compete and that someone else is welcome to take his place. Mario must then capture the Shiverian and go to the Shiverian Elder, who starts the race. If it's Mario's first race, he will enter a training course. The race consists of eight racers; Mario will start in fourth. The course contains wooden ramps and hills. Grey snow is thicker than white snow and will slow Mario down if touched. More precisely timed jumps will give Mario further height and distance. There are three laps. If Mario wins the race, he will be rewarded with a Multi Moon from the Shiverian Elder as the Frost-Frosted Cake was stolen by Bowser.

Areas visited[edit]

  • Icicle Cavern
  • Hollow Crevasse
  • Wind-Chill Cavern
  • Snowy Mountain
  • Shiveria Town
  • Snowline Circuit

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 再開!バウンドボウルGP
Saikai! Baundo Bouru GP
Reopening! Bound Bowl GP

Chinese (simplified) 重新出发!弹跳博乌尔GP
Chóngxīn chūfā! Tántiào Bówū'ěr GP
Restart! Bound Bowl GP

Chinese (traditional) 重新出發!彈跳博爾GP
Chóngxīn chūfā! Tántiào Bó'ěr GP
Restart! Bound Bowl GP

German Der Schlotter-Grand-Prix!
The Shiver Grand Prix!
Italian Il Gran Premio di Ibernia!
The Grand Prix of Shiveria!
Spanish (NOE) Gran Premio de Friolandia
Shiverian Grand Prix