Bound Bowl Grand Prix

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This article is about the minigame. For the story mission, see The Bound Bowl Grand Prix.

Bound Bowl Grand Prix is a minigame that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. The minigame takes place in the Snow Kingdom and involves Mario capturing a Shiverian Racer and competing against several other Shiverians on a small course called Snowline Circuit. The player (as the Shiverian Racer) must "bound" by pressing B Button or by shaking the Joy-Con or Pro Controller and can do so while hitting the ground with good timing in order to gain a small speed boost. The first time Mario competes in this minigame, he will be rewarded with a Multi Moon if he gets first place. If Mario gets in a place lower than first, he will either receive a few coins or nothing at all. A more difficult version of the race can be played after Mario grabs the Multi Moon, where the other Shiverians move much faster than before. Completing this version will grant Mario a Power Moon.

Another track called Iceburn Circuit can be played post-game after breaking the Snow Kingdom's Moon Rock. The same rules apply to this track as they did in Snowline Circuit and it too has a more difficult version. Placing first in both will earn Mario two more Power Moons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バウンドボウルGP
Baundo Bouru GP
Bound Bowl GP

Chinese 弹跳博乌尔GP (Simplified)
Tántiào Bówū'ěr GP
彈跳博爾GP (Traditional)
Tántiào Bó'ěr GP

Bound Bowl GP

French Grand Prix flonflon
Shiverian Grand Prix
Italian Gran Premio di Ibernia
Snow Kingdom Grand Prix
Korean 바운드 볼 그랑프리
Baundeu Bol Geurangpeuri
Bound Ball Grand Prix

Spanish (NOE) Gran Premio de Friolandia
Shiverian Grand Prix