RC Car Challenge

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The RC Car Challenge in Super Mario Odyssey
Layout of the RC Car Challenge

The RC Car Challenge is a minigame featured in Super Mario Odyssey. It appears in the Metro Kingdom, found inside a building across the street from the Crazy Cap store.

Mario must capture the hatless New Donker controlling the RC Car at the beginning of the challenge and complete three laps of a short course with the car. The player must use the left Control Stick Control Stick to accelerate/decelerate the car and the right Control Stick Control Stick to steer it, while avoiding losing speed by crashing into walls. Completing all three laps within 35 seconds awards the player a Power Moon and praise from a group of spectating New Donkers. After Mario destroys the Metro Kingdom's Moon Rock at the end of the game, the challenge is able to be done again for another Power Moon, though all three laps must be completed within 26 seconds.

The music used in this minigame is an arrangement of the theme for the Mario Circuit courses from Super Mario Kart.

There is a Rankings Board here, which shows global and friend leaderboards for this challenge and all other challenges in the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニカーチャレンジ
Minikā Charenji
Mini-Car Challenge
Chinese (Simplified) 迷你小车挑战
Mínǐ xiǎo chē tiǎozhàn
Mini-Car Challenge
Chinese (Traditional) 迷你小車挑戰
Mínǐ xiǎo chē tiǎozhàn
Mini-Car Challenge
French Voiture téléguidée Remote-Controlled Car
German RC-Auto-Wettstreit RC-Car-Challenge
Italian Corsa radiocomandata Remote-Controlled Race
Korean RC카 챌린지
RCka chaellinji
RC Car Challenge
Russian Радиогонки
Radio Racing (as in radio-controlled)
Spanish (NOA) Carrera a control remoto Remote Control Race
Spanish (NOE) Desafío teledirigido Remote-Controlled Challenge