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A Yoofoe in Super Mario Odyssey
Artwork of the Yoofoe from Super Mario Odyssey.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Yoofoe,[1] also spelled Yoo-foe,[2] is a miniboss-like enemy that debuts in Super Mario Odyssey. Its name is a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of "UFO" and "foe".


The Yoofoe resembles a flying saucer UFO and a top hat. It has a purple Ground Pound symbol on its head followed by an inward facing black ring along the midsection of the enemy with a menacing red eye in the front of that black ring. The bottom section consists of a silver-colored dome-like structure. This enemy makes three appearances in the game: one in the Wooded Kingdom, another in Bowser's Kingdom and the last in the Darker Side. Upon defeat, a short cutscene plays with the Yoofoe spinning out of control and exploding. Mario is then rewarded one Power Moon, with the exception being the Darker Side in which a Life-Up Heart is rewarded instead. The Yoofoe is an alien invader, as suggested by the titles of the Power Moons received from it ("Invader in the Sky Garden" and "Invader in Bowser's Castle").


Yoofoe's first stage in the Wooded Kingdom.
The Yoofoe's first stage.
Yoofoe's second stage in the Darker Side.
The Yoofoe's second stage.

Initially, upon noticing Mario, the Yoofoe makes a piston noise and then shoots out five Goombas from its bottom. After this, it emits a red circular laser followed by two short razor bars. It then moves about the stage while rotating these bars. As it moves, it shoots out one small Spiked Ball followed by one Goomba. It repeats this pattern until Mario jumps on it from above. After getting hit once, it knocks Mario off its head and makes all the previously spawned Goombas disappear. It then expels a much larger red circular laser followed by four long razor bars instead of two short ones. It continues its previous pattern at this point, though every time it releases a Goomba, it spins its razor bars rapidly, thus Mario can only jump on the Yoofoe when it is not spinning.

If there are eight Goombas that have been spawned by the Yoofoe out at once, no more are spawned, and if all eight Goombas are made into a Goomba Tower, the Yoofoe stops dropping Spiked Balls.

As shown in the Wooded Kingdom, the player can alternatively capture an Uproot to hit the Yoofoe.

As shown in Bowser's Kingdom, the Yoofoe can get hit on the top by seeds thrown by Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカディスク[3]

French EVNI
From "OVNI" (UFO)
Italian Ufo
Korean 메카디스크

Spanish Ofny
From "OVNI" (UFO)


  • In the encounter in the Wooded Kingdom, the music changes to the variation heard when fighting the cannon in the objective "Path to the Secret Flower Field".


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