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Cappy, an example of a Bonneter.
First Appearance Super Mario Run (Cappy only) (2017)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Notable Members

“Bad days do happen, but you've got to keep a stiff upper brim!”
Male Bonneter on Top Hat Tower

The Bonneters[1] are a race of hat-like ghosts found in the region of Bonneton within the Cap Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. They all have Eerie-like bodies, heads shaped like hats, and big eyes with irises of various colors. As demonstrated by Cappy, they can also take on the appearances of other hats, such as the Mario Cap, and capture other beings, both animate or inanimate. Male Bonneters have top hat-shaped heads with a more pronounced eyebrow ridge while female Bonneters have bowler hat-shaped heads with ribbons and wingtip eyelashes.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カブロン人
Kaburon jin
From kaburu 「かぶる」 (put on)
Spanish Villachisterense From Villa Chistera (Bonneton)
French Chapiforme Hat-form
Dutch Hoedpoorter Bonneter
German Chapeau From chapeau (French for 'hat')
Italian Tubalese Tuber
Russian Боннетонц
Chinese 戴布伦人 (Simplified)
戴布倫人 (Traditional)
Dài bù lún rén
A portmanteau of 戴 (dài), to wear (a hat), and Bonneter's Japanese name.


  • The Bonneters are based on the tsukumogami, a type of youkai from Japanese folklore.[citation needed]


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