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Cappy, an example of a Bonneter.
First appearance Super Mario Run (Cappy only; statue cameo) (2017)
Super Mario Odyssey (first physical appearance) (2017)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Cappy only) (2018)
Notable members
Bonneter biologist
“Bad days do happen, but you've got to keep a stiff upper brim!”
Male Bonneter on Top-Hat Tower

The Bonneters[1] are a race of hat-like beings found in the region of Bonneton within the Cap Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. They all have Eerie-like bodies, heads shaped like hats, and big eyes with irises of various colors. As demonstrated by Cappy, they can also take on the appearances of other hats, such as the Mario Cap, and capture other beings, both animate or inanimate. Male Bonneters have top hat-shaped heads with a more pronounced eyebrow ridge while female Bonneters have cloche hat-shaped heads with ribbons and wingtip eyelashes.

There are two recurring post-game quests involving Bonneters after the player defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom:

Like many of the supporting characters, Bonneters will cower and refuse to talk to Mario if an enemy gets too close to them, regardless whether Mario has captured the enemy in question or not.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カブロン人
Bonneton People
Spanish Villachisteriense From Villa Chistera (Bonneton)
French Chapiforme Hat-form
Dutch Hoedpoorter Hatporter
German Chapeau From chapeau (French for 'hat')
Italian Tubalese From tuba (top hat)
Russian Боннетонец
Korean 모런인
Bonneton People
Chinese 戴布伦人 (Simplified)
戴布倫人 (Traditional)
Dài bù lún rén
Bonneton People


  • The Bonneters resemble and share similarities to tsukumogami, a type of youkai from Japanese folklore.[2]
  • All of the Hat & Seek moons, as well as the Bonneter Biologist moons, only involve male Bonneters.
  • According to the book The Art of Super Mario Odyssey, originally, Bowser was going to be assisted by an evil Bonneter serving as a villainous version of Cappy, allowing him to capture other characters and objects like Mario, but was replaced with a robotic top hat equipped with mechanical boxing gloves in the final game. The original concept for the game's final boss battle involved him Capturing Peach and the two transforming into a Bowser-Peach hybrid.