Soirée Bouquet

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The Sky Garden Tower where the Soirée Bouquet is found

The Soirée Bouquet is a giant bouquet made by the Steam Gardeners of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is located on top of the Sky Garden Tower.

During the events of the game, the bouquet is stolen by Bowser and the Broodals as a decoration for Princess Peach's forced marriage to the Koopa king, and is kept in a large basket aboard his airship. After Mario defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, the field where the Soirée Bouquet was picked is restored.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブーケの花
Būke no Hana
Bouquet Flower
Chinese 花束
Dutch Kristalboeket Crystal Bouquet
French Bouquet d'Exception Exceptional Bouquet
German Blumenarrangement Flower Arrangement
Italian Bouquet fiorito Floral Bouquet
Russian Праздничный букет
Prazdnichnyi buket
Holiday bouquet
Spanish Ramo de gala Gala Bouquet