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This article is about the enemy from Super Mario Odyssey. For the character from the Super Mario World television series, see T-Rex (character).
SMO Art - E3 Char2.png
A T-Rex under the control of Mario.
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The T-Rex[1][2] is an enemy from Super Mario Odyssey that can be controlled by Cappy. It is based off of the real Tyrannosaurus rex.

One T-Rex can be found in the Cascade Kingdom, while another wearing a fedora can be found sleeping in the Deep Woods section of the Wooded Kingdom.[3]

According to Kenta Motokura, the director of Super Mario Odyssey, the T-Rex's realistic design was influenced by Super Mario World, another game where Mario is alongside dinosaurs. The development team wanted to include a dinosaur never seen in a Mario game before in hopes of surprising the player, causing the developers to steer away from the more cartoonish and caricatured dinosaur designs used in Super Mario World.[4]

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