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An Astro-Lanceur in Super Mario Odyssey
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Variant of Gushen

Astro-Lanceurs[1] are enemies in Super Mario Odyssey. Only six appear in the game, specifically within the Moon Kingdom. They resemble Mollusque-Lanceur (fought in the Seaside Kingdom). These enemies are large, flying, silver octopus-like creatures with six arms. They have several spikes protruding from each arm as well. Touching one of these arms will deal one point of damage. They spit cone shell projectiles at Mario as an attack. These shells explode upon contact. The top of their heads bear the outline of a light blue Ground Pound symbol; Mario can defeat this enemy with a Ground Pound to said spot. Once defeated, they leave behind eight coins. These enemies are generally harmless while in the main hub of the Moon Kingdom but can become a nuisance in the platform challenge sections that require Mario to long jump while under the influence of low gravity where it is easy to hit one of them due to their large size.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペースホーダン
Supēsu Hōdan
From "space" and「ホーダン伯爵」(Hōdan Hakushaku, Mollusque-Lanceur)
Italian Astropolpo From "astro" (aster) and "polpo" (octopus)
Korean 스페이스포탄
Supeiseu Potan
From "space" and "포탄백작" (Potan Baekjak, Mollusque-Lanceur)
Spanish Pulpinauta From "pulpo" (octopus) and "astronauta" (astronaut)


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