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This article is about the Goomba character in Super Mario Odyssey. For the enemy also known as a Goombette, see Mini Goomba.
Not to be confused with Goombetty.
Goombette from Super Mario Odyssey.
Species Goomba
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Goombette from Super Mario Odyssey.

Goombette (alternatively the Gambetta)[1] is a female Goomba from the game Super Mario Odyssey. She is pink, similar to Goombella and Goombaria, and has a distinct blush, eyelashes, and a hat similar to Pauline's. She also holds Power Moons; to get them, Mario must capture a Goomba and approach her. If she is standing on a raised ledge, Mario must hop on other Goombas to make a Goomba Tower high enough to reach the ledge she stands on. At this point, she becomes romantically charmed, and gives Mario a Power Moon while surrounded by hearts. If Mario approaches her in his normal form or aims at her after capturing a Sherm, she will panic for a split second before disappearing in a puff of smoke. After Mario leaves the area or lets go of the Sherm, she will return with the same purple effect that signifies a respawning enemy, despite her not being an actual enemy.

After the main story is completed, two Goombettes can be found in the Sand Kingdom at the same time, implying that she is not an individual character, but simply how a generic female Goomba looks. This is supported by the Prima Games guide referring to her as "the Goombette" in most instances, as well as names in other languages such as Japanese and American Spanish, which are the generic description of "Girl Kuribō" and in lowercase, respectively.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガールクリボー
Gāru Kuribō
Girl Goomba
Chinese (Simplified) 栗子丫头
Lìzi Yātou
Goomba Girl
Chinese (Traditional) 栗寶寶女孩
Lì Bǎobǎo Nǚhái
Goomba Girl
Dutch Goombette -
French Goombette -
German Gumbette Goombette
Italian Goombette -
Korean 걸 굼바
Geol Gumba
Girl Goomba
Russian Гумбетта
Spanish (NOA) Goombette -
Spanish (NOE) Goombette -


  • If Mario attempts to jump on Goombette as a Goomba, he will slide off of her instead, revealing that she is not programmed to be jumped on.
  • In the English version of Paper Mario, when Chuck Quizmo asks Goombario's sister's name in his quiz, one of the incorrect answers is "Goombette". Its Japanese equivalent is クリスチーヌ, which is Goombella's Japanese name.


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