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A Goombud from Super Mario Maker 2
First appearance Super Mario Maker 2 (2019)
Variant of Galoomba

Goombuds are a hybrid of a Galoomba and Goombrat that first appears in Super Mario Maker 2. The enemy's name is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "bud". They replace Goombrats in the Super Mario World game style, reflecting how Goombas are replaced by Galoombas in the same style. Like Goombrats, Goombuds will turn around once they reach edges, though unlike Goombrats, they will be knocked over when stomped on, and can be carried around and thrown like Galoombas. In the underwater theme, as well as the nighttime ground, sky and airship themes, Goombuds continuously float around. They can also be enlarged by giving them a Super Mushroom, and can also be given wings or a parachute.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カキボン
Combination of「カキボー」(Kakibō, Goombrat) and「クリボン」(Kuribon, Galoomba)
Chinese 柿邦邦
From "柿宝宝" (Shìbǎobǎo, Goombrat) and "栗邦邦" (Lìbāngbāng, Galoomba)
Dutch Goombud -
French (NOA) Galisson From "Galoomba" and "Goombalisson"
French (NOE) Galoomin From "Galoomba" and "Goomin"
German Galumbalg Portmanteau of "Gumbalg" and "Galumba"
Italian Goombrunello Portmanteau of "Goombarello" and "Goombruno"
Korean 땡감바
Portmanteau of "땡감" (ttaeng-gam, unripe and puckery persimmon) and "감바" (Gamba)
Russian Гумбашка
Diminutive form of "Гумбака" (Gumbaka)
Spanish (NOA) Goombiñito Diminutive form of "Goombiño"
Spanish (NOE) Goombratín Diminutive form of "Goombrat"