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SM3DL Prongo.png
Prongo from Super Mario 3D Land
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Variant of Goombeetle
Spiked Goomba
Not to be confused with Pronto.

Prongos[1] are Goombeetle-like enemies that appear in Super Mario 3D Land, named after the word prong. These enemies have a large, metallic blue box object with golden spikes sticking out along the sides and the top. The spikes have orange markings surrounding them. The metallic blue box covers the majority of their body, except their green feet and yellow underside. Prongos have small red eyes that peer through a hole in the metal box covering them.


Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

Two Prongos about to jump on Mario
A Prongo

Prongos appear in later levels of normal worlds, but become common enemies in the Special Worlds. When a Prongo spots Mario or Luigi, it will run after them like a Goomba. If the Prongo gets close enough, it will dive and try to headbump the player, similar to Spiked Goombas from the Paper Mario series. If the Prongo misses, it will become stuck in the ground due to its spikes, leaving it open for attack. This also makes it the only possible time to defeat it with a fireball from Fire Mario or a boomerang from Boomerang Mario. After a few seconds, the Prongo will free itself from the ground and continue its pursuit of the player.

Prongos cannot be defeated when they are upright, except with the use of a Super Star. Tail whips will flip a Prongo over, making it vulnerable to any attack.

Official profiles[edit]

Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

  • European Website Bio: "Prongos have a spike growing out of their head, so don't jump on them whatever you do! You'll just have to find other ways of dealing with them..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Toge Metbo[2]
Tsuno Hei
Spiked Goombeetle

Horned Soldier
Chinese 刺角兵[3][4]
Cì Jiǎo Bīng
Spike Horn Soldier
Dutch Prongo -
French Soldapointe Pun on "soldat" (soldier) and "pointe"
German Stachelrekrut Spike Recruit
Italian Soldaspino Portmanteau of "soldato" (soldier) and "spino" (spine).
Korean 뿔뿔병
Horned Soldier
Portuguese Soldado Espinho Spike Soldier
Russian Шипоносец
From Шип (Spike) and -носец (suffix for carrying)
Spanish Guardaespín Pun on guardia (guard) and espín (spike)



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