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Artwork of a Wallop, from Super Mario 3D Land
A Wallop in Super Mario 3D Land
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
A Wallop near Mario in Super Mario 3D Land

Wallops[1] are stone enemies that appear in Super Mario 3D Land. They look like Whomps with small battlements on their heads and without arms. Their mouths resemble the mouths of Rhomps and later Grumblumps. Their name is a pun on "wall," due to how Wallops look and behave like walls, and "wallop," which means "to make a loud crushing noise" or "a large attack or beating."

When the player is behind or a certain distance away from a Wallop, it stays dormant, with its pupils unlit and its feet retreated into its body. Once the player is in front of a Wallop, it attempts to block their way by mimicking Mario or Luigi's movements. A Wallop can also jump and slam the ground whenever Mario or Luigi jumps, after which the Wallop is unable to move for a few seconds, giving the player a chance to bypass it. By running into a direction and immediately turning the other way, Mario or Luigi can get past a Wallop without jumping.

Mario or Luigi can defeat Wallops by turning into a statue using the Statue Leaf above or below them when they jump. They make their first appearance in World 3-1; they also appear in World 6-4, World 8-6, Special 3-5, Special 6-1, Special 8-4, and Special 8-Crown.


Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

  • European Website Bio: "Annoying enemies that copy Mario's every move. When you jump, they jump!"


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario 3D Land Kabehei Kabehei Portmanteau of「壁」(kabe, wall) and「兵」(hei, soldier) or「塀」(hei, fence)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンピョン[2]
Portmanteau of「ドン」(don, onomatopoeia for crashing sound) and「ぴょん」(pyon, onomatopoeia for bouncing noise)
Chinese 咚蹦[3][4]
Transliteration of the Japanese name; possibly from「咚咚」(Dōngdōng, Thwomp)
Dutch Wallop -
French Passerapas From "passeras pas" (will not pass)
German Kawummps Pun on "kawumm" (kaboom) and "Wummp" (Whomp)
Italian Wallop -
Korean 폴짝쿵
Portuguese Paralélio Pun on "paralelo" (parallel), "parar" (to stop), and possibly the given name "Hélio"
Russian Бабамс
Onomatopoeia for something hitting the ground
Spanish (NOE) Rocopión Pun on "roca" (rock) and "copión" (copycat)


  • Like Whomps, Wallops seem to be inspired by the Japanese mythological creature nurikabe. Nurikabe block the path of travelers, just as Wallops do.
  • Wallops bear a striking resemblance to Blocky from the Kirby series.


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