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Side image of some members of the Aku Iwagumi
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 3 (1992)
Leader Waruiwa-gumi's leader
Member species

The Waruiwa-gumi is a gang of Thwomps in Super Mario-kun that commands the rocks from Chocolate Island. It appears in chapter 6 of volume 3.

While in sight of Wendy's Castle, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi take a break. Yoshi, inspired by the autumn, decides to sculpt a statue from a rock, only to realize it is the Waruiwa-gumi's leader, an old and blunt Thwomp. Thwomp, who had just been given a day off from Bowser, arrives and accuses Mario of hurting his old boss; just then, Mario notices Yoshi left his sculpting tools in his hands.

Thwomp, helping his old boss, commands the nearby rocks to attack Mario's party. The trio has the upper hand, but loses Mario's cape in the fight, which falls into a Warp Pipe. After Thwomp squashes them, he and his boss call the Thwimps to finish them. The cape re-emerges with the help of some bubbled Mushrooms, so Mario uses it to capture the Thwimps and smash them on Thwomp, breaking his spikes, and his boss, breaking him into little old Thwomps. The spliced old leader's parts keep fighting with themselves for the title of gang leader. Laughing, Mario comments that the group should be called「弱岩組よわいわぐみ」(Yowaiwa-gumi, Weak-Stone-Company).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 悪岩組わるいわぐみ
Bad-Stone-Company; the suffix -gumi is often used by the yakuza