Tail Thwomp

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Tail Thwomp
Tail Thwomp
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Variant of Thwomp

Tail Thwomp[1] is a Thwomp with a tail that appears as a rare enemy in Super Mario 3D Land. They act very similar to Grindels and Thwimps.

Tail Thwomps can jump about in a wide set area, unlike the regular stationary Thwomps. When they float, it is reminiscent of the way Tanooki Mario floats, complete with the accompanying sound effect. Unlike some Thwomps, Tail Thwomps have a face on only one side, due to the tail on their back, which Mario can bounce off to help reach their top. Tail Thwomps can be defeated if Mario transforms into Statue Mario and either lands on them or has them land on him, like normal Thwomps. There are only two Tail Thwomps in the entire game, and they both appear in World 5-1.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しっぽドッスン[2]
Shippo Dossun
Tail Thwomp

Chinese 尾巴咚咚[3]
Wěiba Dōngdōng
Tail Thwomp

German Tanuki-Steinblock
Tanooki Thwomp
Italian Thwomp Giracoda
Spanish (NOA) Don Pisotón Tanuki
Tanooki Thwomp
Spanish (NOE) Roca Picuda Tanuki
Tanooki Thwomp



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