World 2 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 2
World 2 - 3D Land.png
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Level(s) 5
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World 2 is the second world explored in Super Mario 3D Land. This world is a yellow field of flowers and clovers with many blocks, hills, and a mountain in the background. It has five levels, a Mystery Box, and a Toad House. The boss of this world is Boom Boom. This is the only world to contain no locked levels.


Level Preview Description
World 2-1 2-1 SM3DL.png An outside course that seems to take place around a castle.
World 2-2 Mario running An underground course with Flip Panels that create a path.
World 2-3 SM3DL23.png A course in the sky with platforms designed to look like various sprites from Super Mario Bros.
World 2-4 SM3DL2-4.png An athletic course and the introduction of Red-Blue Panels.
World 2-Airship SM3DL Boom Boom W2.png The first Airship course of the game, with a first confrontation with Boom Boom.

Mystery Box[edit]

The four possible contents of this world's Mystery Box are:

New enemies[edit]


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  • The secret area with the coins in the shape of "3D" may be a reference to a secret area in Super Mario Bros. 3 where the coins are in the shape of the number three.
  • When Mario completes World 2-3, the original winning tune from Super Mario Bros. is played. This also plays at the end of Special 1-3.
  • World 5-2 was, during early builds, 2-5 as a reference to The Legend of Zelda series.