World 2-3 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 2-3
Level code World 2-3
World World 2
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 2-3 is the third course of World 2 in Super Mario 3D Land. It has platforms resembling imagery from Super Mario Bros. alongside an arrangement of said game's Ground Theme. The icon is a section of the course's colored blocks with smaller sections floating above them.


Mario starts the stage on an 8-bit Mario platform, which includes three P Switches and a Propeller Box. Two of them are located at Mario's overalls' buttons, while the other is located at Mario's ear. The switches spawn coins in an "M" shape when hit. On Mario's shoe, there is a Brick Block hiding a Tail Wheel. Twirling it with Tanooki Mario's tail causes the platform to rise into a platform of an 8-Bit Luigi, where a Star Medal, a + Clock and another P Switch can be found. The player must then use some giant ? Blocks to reach an 8-bit Super Mushroom, with a P Switch and a Brick Block hiding a Tail Wheel located on it. This Tail Wheel leads to a Red Ring.

Afterwards, the player must reach a set of yellow and blue blocks with Paragoombas, coins, and a + Clock. After jumping on each of the blocks, the player reaches an 8-bit Princess Peach platform. Another Tail Wheel is found here, and it raises the blocks composing Peach's dress stripe, leading to a section with Goombas and Coin Coffers, as well as a Super Star surrounded by coins in a heart formation. Ahead, a Warp Box leads the player to a grassy area, featuring a background that resembles the Super Mario Bros. style. A Hard Block staircase is used to reach the Goal Pole. Before touching the Goal Pole, the player can also go inside the fortress to find a hidden Warp Box that takes Mario to a platform in the shape of an 8-bit 1-Up Mushroom, which has an actual 1-Up Mushroom and another Warp Box that returns him to the grassy area near the Goal Pole.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: The right foot part contains a Brick Block with a Tail Wheel on the Mario platform. Hitting it makes the platform rise to a Luigi platform, where the Star Medal is located.
  • Star Medal 2: Between the Super Mushroom and Peach platforms, a Coin Ring can be seen with the Star Medal under it. Using a Propeller Box, Mario can grab the coin and fly back up to the block.
  • Star Medal 3: Mario must rise the Peach platform's dress stripe. The Star Medal is floating on the far left.


Name Count
Goomba 7 (including 4 from stacks)
Goomba Tower 1
Paragoomba 12
Coin Coffer 2