Special 1-4

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Special 1-4
Special 1-4
Level code Special 1-4
World Special 1
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Time limit 400 seconds
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Special 1-4 is the fourth level of Special 1 in Super Mario 3D Land. It is based off World 6-1.


Mario starts on a circular flowery land area, surrounded by stones and a fence. On the right side, he will cross a bridge with a ? Block that releases a coin. Further along the bridge are two Boomerang Bros. After the bridge ends the player must jump onto a tightrope which has coins, Paragoombas and a Red Ring which will spawn five Red Coins, which will give a Statue Leaf or a 1-Up Mushroom if they are all collected in time.

After the tightrope, the player will be in a grassy area with a Boomerang Bro, which will relinquish a Boomerang Flower upon defeat. The player must then cross another tightrope which has three Paragoombas on it before reaching a large grassy area with the Checkpoint Flag. In the same area there is a flower on a platform lower down than the rest that has a Super Mushroom. The player must then go into the Warp Box which leads them to the next area.

In the next area, there several ? Blocks and Brick Blocks, the furthest left block contains a Poison Mushroom. The player must then cross a tightrope which has a Paragoomba on it before crossing a bridge with two Boomerang Bros. before reaching the final area in which they must jump up several rocks that lead to the Goal Pole.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: At the beginning of the level the player should jump onto the largest rock, and then jump again to get the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: After the rope the player should wall jump off the rock face, towards the screen, to collect the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: In the area with three tightropes the player needs to bounce onto the highest one, the Star Medal is at the top of it.