Special 6-3

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Special 6-3
Level code Special 6-3
World Special 6
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Time limit 400 seconds
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Special 6-3 is the third level of Special 6 in Super Mario 3D Land. It is based off of World 2-2.


The player starts off on a platform next to a Flip Panel which leads to another platform near some poison water. In front of the poison water is another Flip Panel and three ? Blocks, the middle one contains a Super Star and the far left one contains a Poison Mushroom. Next to this is a small platform with an invisible block on it that contains a Statue Leaf. After this section is another section with a Flip Panel which leads outside and then back inside where there is another Flip Panel which leads to a Warp Pipe.

In the final area is a Flip Panel that leads to the Goal Pole.

Star Medals[edit]



  • As is the case of most levels in Special Worlds that reuse previous level designs, Special 6-3 reuses the layout of World 2-2. This leads to copied assets from the level, which are usually deleted to save space if they are not needed. The coins in the secret room of World 2-2 that spell out "3D" are copied for Special 6-3, but the room itself is not. The coins are instead moved far beyond the level skybox, leaving twenty-three coins that cannot be collected.[1][2]


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