Big Cosmic Clone

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Big Cosmic Clone
SM3DL S8-Crown.png
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Variant of Cosmic Clone

Big Cosmic Clones[1] are larger variants of Cosmic Clones that appear exclusively in Super Mario 3D Land. They are four times larger than their original counterparts, have a lower pitched voice, and can also break Brick Blocks. Otherwise, their behavior is the same as the standard Cosmic Clones: They will appear once Mario (or Luigi) reach a certain point in the stage and will begin mimicking their movements. They can be defeated in the same way as a normal Cosmic Clone, which is by reaching the end of the stage, touching them while invincible, or by crossing a point they cannot. The first two methods give ten coins for doing so. They first appear in the Special Worlds and are only found in five of the levels: Special 7-4, Special 7-Castle Icon.png, Special 8-3, Special 8-5, and Special 8-CrownIcon.png.


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