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Artwork of a Draglet from Super Mario 3D Land
Artwork of a Draglet from Super Mario 3D Land
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)

Draglets[1] are enemies appearing in Super Mario 3D Land. They are small blue dragons with small purple bat-like wings and pink spikes attached to their backs. Draglets have two fangs, and their eyes have dash-like pupils instead of circular ones. They bear a slight resemblance to Eeries, Rexes, and Dino-Torches.

Screenshot of a Draglet from Super Mario 3D Land
Mario, encountering a Draglet

Draglets are found in the castle stages of the game and stay in one spot. If they spot Mario or Luigi, they will attack him by shooting a single fireball at him. Draglets make a distinct sneezing sound before shooting a fireball, indicating that their attack is coming. Draglets can easily be defeated by jumping on them or swinging Tanooki Mario's tail at them, or with a projectile such as a fireball or boomerang.

Draglets also appear briefly during the cutscene that plays when Mario is entering World 8 for the first time.


Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

  • European Website Bio: "Draglets use their tiny wings to hover just above the ground. They also use their fiery breath to shoot fireballs at Mario!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メラゴン[2]
Pun on「めらめら」(meramera, onomatopoeia for something flaring up) and「ドラゴン」(doragon, dragon)
Chinese (Simplified) 吐焰龙[3]
Tǔ Yàn Lóng
Spitting Flame Dragon
Chinese (Traditional) 吐焰龍[4]
Tǔ Yàn Lóng
Spitting Flame Dragon
Dutch Draglet
French Pyrodragon From "pyro" (Greek word for "fire") + "dragon"
German Loderdrache Blaze Dragon
Italian Dragardo Possibly a portmanteau of "drago" (dragon) and "testardo" (stubborn)
Korean 이글래곤
Possibly from "이글이글" (igeul-igeul, onomatopoeia for burning) + "드래곤" (deuraegon, dragon)
Portuguese Dragão chama Flame dragon
Russian Дракон-огнеплюй
From "дракон" (drakon, dragon) + "огненный" (ognennyy, fiery) and "плевать" (plebat, to spit)
Spanish (NOE) Draguígneo Pun on "dragón" (dragon) and "ígneo" (igneous)


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