King Ka-thunk

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King Ka-thunk
KingKa-Thunk artwork.png
First appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)
King Ka-thunk, as seen in-game.
Fighting King Ka-thunk.

King Ka-thunk[1] (known as King Kathunk in the British English version) is a boss that appears in Super Mario 3D World as the boss of World 5-Castle: King Ka-thunk's Castle. He is a small, blue metal square with red shoes and detached red hands. He also has five spikes on the front (one of which is positioned like a beak) and his back is pink and fleshy with a bandage on it. King Ka-thunk floats in the middle of another, larger Ka-thunk frame.

He serves as the boss of World 5. His main attack is moving around the Ka-thunk before finally stopping in one of the corners. After this, the ground that King Ka-thunk will fall on glows red before he crashes into the ground, damaging any players caught under the Ka-thunk. To damage King Ka-thunk, the player has to jump on his backside while he is face down. Oddly enough, he is not damaged if a player is thrown onto his weak spot by another player. After each hit, two of the arena's corners will fall off, and King Ka-thunk will become faster and more erratic. Once three hits are landed, King Ka-thunk is defeated, and the Warp Box to the Goal Pole is revealed.

King Ka-thunk later reappears as one of the bosses in World Flower-12: Boss Blitz with the exact same strategy from his first battle in World 5.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Boss Wackun[2]
Gacchin Kingu

Clanging King
Spanish Rey Marcoplás King Frameplaf. Marco means frame and plas means plaf; Marco is also a name (Mark)
French Roi Klonk King Klonk
German König Klonk King Klonk
Italian Re Clompo King Ka-thunk; "Clompo" derives from the sound of crushing objects (CLOMP!)
Portuguese Rei Quadrapumba Rei means "king"; Quadrapumba comes from quadrado (square) and pumba (thumping sound)
Russian Кар-Кас
From каркас (karkas, means "frame, carcass") and кар (kar), the sound of a crow


  • King Ka-thunk's method of attacking is very similar to that of the Whomp King.


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