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Orange Roly Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World.png
Tanooki Mario being chased by a Splorch.
First appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)

Splorches[citation needed] are uncommon enemies that first appear in Super Mario 3D World. They are large orange fireballs that have purple masks around their eyes, quite similar to Fryguy's eyes, and a large grin. They first appear in World Castle-A, and after that, they usually appear in levels with lava. Their appearance is unaffected by the color of lava, as seen in Broken Blue Bully Belt, a level with blue lava.

Splorches pop out of lava and roll towards the players. They can be pushed back into the lava using projectiles such as those of the Boomerang Flower and Fire Flower, or by hitting them with Tanooki Mario's tail spin or Rosalina's Spin Attack. Splorches also leave a trail of lava that damages the players. These enemies can only be defeated by Invincible Mario, Lucky Cat Mario or White Tanooki Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマン[1]
Magman; from "magma" and "man"


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