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Hisstocrat and his minions
Species Snake
First appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)

Hisstocrat is a boss that appears in Super Mario 3D World as the boss of World 3-B. He is a large purple serpent wearing regal attire, such as a crown and cape. His name is a portmanteau of the words "hiss", a sound made by snakes, and "aristocrat", referring to his king outfit.

Mario and co. facing Hisstocrat and his minions.

Hisstocrat serves as the second boss of World 3. Hisstocrat has only two attacks: one is to emerge from the ground to send boulders landing on the player. The second attack is to send out snakes with platforms for the players to jump on, which sometimes have Super Bells on them. When the platforms are cracked, the snake will bite and damage players if they stand on it for too long. Occasionally, Hisstocrat will send a snake without a platform to attack, which is telegraphed by the snake's eyes emerging from the ground first before coming up. His only weak point is the top of his head, where he has a large X-shaped bandage. The player must use the other snakes as platforms in order to reach this weak point, although it is possible for Luigi and Rosalina to jump on Hisstocrat's head directly without the need of platforms by careful use of the Spin Jump. Players can also throw their allies on top of the head. After three hits, Hisstocrat is defeated, and the Warp Pipe to the Goal Pole as well as a Green Star is revealed.

A pink version of Hisstocrat serves as the boss of World Bowser-B: Hisstocrat Returns, with her attacks being similar to that of the purple Hisstocrat, except she has fireballs instead of boulders raining down to the ground.

In World Flower-12: Boss Blitz, both Hisstocrats are fought at the same time. In this battle, both Hisstocrats have fireballs raining down, and when one Hisstocrat is hit, the other pauses and stares in shock, giving the player an opportunity to strike that one as well. Similar to their previous battles, their defeat will cause a Warp Box and a Green Star to appear.


Hisstocrat appears to be a giant snake, extremely similar in appearance to a Cobrat from Super Mario Bros. 2, except bluish purple with a red diamond pattern on his chest. He has a rounded snout, similar to a somewhat flatter version of Yoshi. He wears a royal outfit wit a blue, circular gem in the center. His head has two yellow eyes with slits for pupils, a white "X" on his head, and a golden crown just behind it. His mouth has four teeth and a rounded tongue with a small split in the middle.

His minions are a cyan color with a tan underbelly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビースネーク
Hebī Sunēku
Heavy Snake (pun on Hebi, Japanese word for snake)
Spanish Su Serpenteza Pun of su alteza (His Highness) and serpiente (snake)
French (NOA) De LaPersifle
French (NOE) Roi Mambaristo[citation needed]
From "mamba" (species of snake) and "aristocrate" (artistocrat)
Dutch Hisstocrat -
German Von Zischel Von (means from) Zischel (comes from zischen, german for hiss)
Italian Sua Sibilanza Pun of "Sua Altezza" (Your Highness) and "Sibilanza" (sibilance)
Portuguese Sua Serpenteza Pun of Sua Alteza (Your Highness) and serpente (snake)
Russian Гадейшество
The word "гадкий" (gadkiy, mean) which was transformed to sound like monarchy style ("His Meanness")


  • The whistles they make sound very similar to the Fantastic Flute in Wario Land 3. Both sounds are based on a stereotypical melody associated with snake charmers.
  • The Hissocrats and their minions are possibly inspired by the Eight Headed Snake of Japanese folklore, Yamata no Orochi.