Cloud Cannon

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A Cloud Cannon in Mount Beanpole

Cloud Cannons[1] are objects that appear in Super Mario 3D World. When a player jumps into one, the cloud will produce a white Pipe Cannon that shoots the player into a Coin Heaven, which usually gives the player a Super Star or a Piranha Plant used to run through a group of enemies and receive a Green Star at the end. Clouds Cannons are usually only accessible by Cat Mario.

A Cloud Cannon first appears in Mount Beanpole where the player must activate a Cat Wheel to reach it. They seem to replace the Super Note Blocks that appeared in Super Mario 3D Land which take the player to Coin Heaven.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 曇大砲[2]
Kumo Taihō
Cloud Cannon


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