Lucky House

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A Lucky House in Super Mario 3D World

A Lucky House[1] is a slot machine minigame introduced in Super Mario 3D World. They can appear in every world with the exception of Worlds Mushroom, Flower, and Crown, and can be unlocked after a certain amount of time in a world. The minigame revolves around hitting all four Slot Blocks to match Fire Flowers, Super Leaves, Super Bells, Double Cherries, or Boomerang Flowers to earn a coin reward. The beat of the music determines which icon the player will get.

Depending on the number of icons that match, the amount of coins rewarded are as follows:

  • No matches - 10 coins
  • One pair - 100 coins (1-UP)
  • Two pairs - 200 coins (2-UP)
  • Three-of-a-kind - 300 coins (3-UP)
  • Four-of-a-kind - 777 coins (7-UP or 8-UP)



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