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Ice Skate
Artwork from Super Mario 3D World.
First appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)
Latest appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
“Skate your way to victory with this slippery item! It's the perfect way to glide around those icy surfaces. Look at him go! Whee!”
Play Nintendo[1]

An Ice Skate[2] is an item that appears in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. It is similar to the Goomba's Shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3.


Super Mario 3D World / Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury[edit]

In Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Ice Skates first appear in Snowball Park, where the player can obtain one after defeating the Skating Goomba. While in an Ice Skate, the character will glide smoothly on ice, move faster overall, and become immune to spikes and certain enemies. However, they will not be able to stop moving, and if they hit a wall or a Walleye, the character will lose the item. The skate's original color is yellow, but it changes depending on which character is riding it. Mario's Ice Skate is red, Luigi's is green, Peach's is pink, Toad's is blue, and Rosalina's is cyan. Ice Skate Goombas later appear in Ty-Foo Flurries, and four unmanned Ice Skates also appear at the start of the eleventh room of Mystery House Marathon, where they must be used to collect the Green Star in time.

In the Bowser's Fury campaign of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Mario uses Ice Skates to traverse Slipskate Slope. While not required to finish the course, the Ice Skate is the only way to move quickly enough to collect Blue Coins for the Blue Coin Bustle Cat Shine.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle[edit]

A gigantic Ice Skate can be seen in Sherbet Desert in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It lies bogged down in snow at one corner of the Blizzy and Sandy battleground.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スケート靴[3]
Sukēto Kutsu
Skate Shoes
Chinese 滑冰鞋[4][5]
Skate Shoes
Dutch Schaats Skate
German Schlittschuh Ice skate
Italian Pattino da ghiaccio Ice skate
Korean 스케이트 신발[6]
Seukeiteu Sinbal
Skating Shoes
Portuguese (NOE) Patim de gelo[7] Ice skate
Spanish Patín de Hielo Ice Skae


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