Mystery House Marathon

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Mystery House Marathon
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World-Level World Crown-MysteryBoxIcon.png
World World Crown
Game Super Mario 3D World
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Mystery House Marathon, or World CrownCrownIcon.png-MysteryBoxIcon.pngMystery Box, is the final Mystery House of Super Mario 3D World, with each challenge lasting 10 seconds for a total of 300 seconds (five minutes) and is the only one to contain thirty Green Stars, Boom Boom and a Stamp. It is the longest course in the game, with thirty Green Stars to collect. Some of the challenges in this level are harder versions of the Mystery Box levels from previous courses or previous Mystery Houses.


  • Green Star 1: A room containing three Koopa Troopas that must be defeated to collect the Green Star.
  • Green Star 2: A set of three swinging platforms and one rolling spike bar, the Green Star is at the end of the platforms.
  • Green Star 3: A room with three P Panels and two Brolders; all switches need to be activated.
  • Green Star 4: A room containing four Torches that have to be lit for a green star. A rectangular ? Block with a Fire Flower is at the back of the room.
  • Green Star 5: A room rotating counterclockwise containing three rows of Peepas rotating clockwise and a Green Star on top of a tall cabinet.
  • Green Star 6: A room containing twenty wooden Crates. The Green Star is in the top right group, bottom left Crate.
  • Green Star 7: A room containing a Goomba and six Mini Goombas who need to be defeated to collect the Green Star.
  • Green Star 8: A landing with five Baseballs over a slope with a group of four Biddybuds flying in front of the Green Star which must be collected by throwing the baseballs.
  • Green Star 9: A room containing four Hop-Chops and a out of reach Green Star. The rightmost Hop-Chops is the only trampoline and can be used to reach the Green Star.
  • Green Star 10: A room containing two Thwomps and a footlight path. The Green Star sits on the second level of the room and can be reached by taking a Thwomp to the star.
  • Green Star 11: A sled run with Walleyes and the Green Star at the end.
  • Green Star 12: A room with rooms separated by tall blocks to the right and left with a small P Switch and the Green Star in each respectively, with a long ? Block with a Super Bell. The cat suit can be used to climb each wall.
  • Green Star 13: A Bullet Bill Base-esque section with the Green Star at the top. The cat suit is again utilized here.
  • Green Star 14: A room containing Blast Blocks for stairs that lead to a large block whose bottom starts at the top of the stairs with a Green Star at the top. The cat suit is used to reach the top.
  • Green Star 15: A room with four falling blocks, with the Green Star at the top. The fourth block falls when the player hits the one before, making it imperative to jump.
  • Green Star 16: A circular wall rotating counterclockwise with two groups of Fuzzies rotating clockwise. The Green Star is in the middle of the wall in a top opened box.
  • Green Star 17: A room with seven Dash Panels and a Rabbit holding the Green Star.
  • Green Star 18: A room containing a Trampoline and five Baseballs, with a small P Switch at the top on the right side wall that must be hit for the Green Star to appear.
  • Green Star 19: A rotating wooden circle maze containing two Piranha Plants and a Green Star.
  • Green Star 20: A platform and two Bullies. When they are defeated the Green Star will appear.
  • Green Star 21: A room containing three Extending ? Blocks and an out of reach Green Star. The Cat Suit could also be used.
  • Green Star 22: A sky platform containing three Dash Panels, two Bill Blasters, Cat Bullet Bills and a Green Star at the end of a narrow walkway.
  • Green Star 23: A room containing five Piranha Creepers, four as stairs and one as an obstacle, with the Green Star at the top.
  • Green Star 24: A room containing three P Switches, two Thwomps, one Bomb and five Baseballs. Two of them are protected by Thwomps and the third by gray Brick Blocks that have to be blown up by a bomb. The Gamepad can also be used to activate the P Switches.
  • Green Star 25: A room containing two Piranha Plants and two groups of Fuzzies, who must be defeated to collect the Green Star. The two Potted Piranha Plants also must be defeated.
  • Green Star 26: An automatically rotating hill with Piranha Plants and Brick Blocks and a Green Star at the end.
  • Green Star 27: A room with gray Brick Blocks up against the wall, a Search Light and Cat Bullet Bills. The Green Star is in top left corner.
  • Green Star 28: A Donut Block Bridge with two Spikes at the end along with the Green Star.
  • Green Star 29: A room containing Boom Boom, who can be defeated in one stomp.
  • Green Star 30: A straight pathway with Coin Stacks, a stamp and a Green Star all laid out in a row with small jump off of a cloud. The final star.



  • In the final room, in plain sight. The stamp is a Super Star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 限界!ミステリーハウス
Genkai! Misuterī hausu
Challenge to the Limit! Mystery House
Spanish La casa del misterio extrema The extreme mystery house
French Der des ders dans la maison mystère Final trek into the Mystery House
Dutch Meedogenloze marathon in het verrassingshuisje Ruthless Marathon in the Mystery House
German Marathon im Rätselhaus Marathon in the Mystery House
Italian Casa Mistero: l'ultima sfida Mystery House: the last challenge
Portuguese Maratona na Casa Mistério Marathon in the Mystery House